HRC recommended sessions at A'19 in Las Vegas

Starts:  Jun 6, 2019 12:00 AM (PT)
Ends:  Jun 8, 2019 12:00 AM (PT)
Associated with  Historic Resources Committee

HRC sponsored events at A'19

EV203 - Historic Resources Committee Luncheon
June 6 at 1pm | Las Vegas Country Club
Join HRC at the Las Vegas Country Club for food, conversation, and an insider's look at Las Vegas of days' past.

Recommended preservation events at A'19

ET105a - Expanding the Empire: Walking Through History & to the Future
June 5 at 7am |  Las Vegas Convention Center |  2.00 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
Opened in 1966, Caesars Palace now spans 85 acres in the heart of the "entertainment capital of the world." Experience the behind-the-scenes workings of this amazing property where the Beatles performed in the '60s and Ali won "the Greatest" title in the '80s. Architect James Horvath, AIA, will guide you through the history and into the future plans for this architectural icon that today employs more than 7,500 people.

ET111a - Exploring Historic Water Street Henderson
June 5 at 7:45am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 3.00 LUs/RIBA
Can a master plan correct the course for development that overlooked a historic downtown core? Founded as a critical resource for magnesium production during World War II, Henderson township was home base for the 14,000 employees of the Basic Magnesium Plant. Following the war, the community found an opportunity to establish itself as an independent entity.

Alternate session: ET111b

ET116 - Sacred Spaces: The History, the Industry, the Architecture, the Art
June 5 at 8am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 6.00 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
You'll make stops at awe-inspiring sites: The Paul Williams-designed Guardian Angel Cathedral with its dramatic A-frame midcentury modern style and Isabel Piczek-designed stained windows; the Little Church of the West, a Gothic Revival chapel that is the oldest building on the strip; and Congregation Ner Tamid.

WE107 - Discovering the Best Way to Document your Existing Building
June 5 at 8am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 3.75 LUs/GBCI/RIBA
Learn how to more efficiently document your needs using different techniques and some of the newest technology applications including BIM, digital photogrammetry, GIS, laser scanning, and point cloud. You'll learn how to select the best tools based on project needs and how to streamline your process.

ET143a - The Evolution of Casino Design
June 5 at 8pm | Las Vegas Convention Center | 2.50 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
Noted professor David Schwartz, director of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas Center for Gaming Research, will deliver a traveling lecture with street-level examples. You'll explore the progression of hotel and casino design and the influence of tourism on downtown development. 

Alternate session : ET143b

WE201 - Built to Last: How Public Architecture Stands the Test of Time
June 5 at 8:30am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 7.50 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
In four sessions, this workshop will explore how public architecture stands the test of time. You'll dive into renovation and restoration in morning sessions focused on San Francisco City Hall and the Transbay Terminal. Afternoon sessions will leap forward to the 2030 zero carbon challenge for buildings and the influence of machine learning and AI on the future.

ET123a - Historic Homes & Neighborhoods: Preserving the Past for the Present (NWA)
June 5 at 9am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.50 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
This tour highlights the work of the Nevada Preservation Foundation, which was founded in 2013 to cultivate a presence around cultural heritage and tourism. The Foundation educates the building industry and public on economic, social, and environmental benefits of historic preservation and mobilizes neighborhoods to obtain historic protections.

Alternate sessions: ET123b, ET123c, ET123d, ET123e, ET123f, ET123g, ET123h, ET123i

ET133a - Rat Pack Revue: The Morelli House (NWA)
June 5 at 1pm | Las Vegas Convention Center | 2.50 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
The Morelli House is a classic example of Las Vegas mid-century architecture. Built in 1959 by Antonio Morelli—producer, arranger, and orchestra leader for the famous Sands Hotel Copa Room during its Rat Pack heyday from 1954–1971—the Morelli House was designed by Hugh E. Taylor and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Alternate sessions: ET133b, ET133c, ET133d

ET206 - Urban Revitalization: A Tale (& Tour) of Two Courthouses
June 6 at 7:45am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 2.00 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
Las Vegas' reinvestment into its original urban core includes the establishment of a Government District. Two award-winning civic buildings have launched this downtown revitalization: The Lloyd D. George Federal Courthouse designed by HCA Dworsky and the Clark County Regional Justice Center designed by TSK Architects in association with HDR.

TH115 - Critical Stewardship: Beyond Preservation
June 6 at 8am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.00 LU/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
The Secretary of the Interior's Standards for the Treatment of Historic Properties is "general guidance for work on any historic building." You'll see the case for its expansion to acknowledge the importance Critical Conservation, which pushes beyond rehabilitation, more aggressively leveraging history for long-lived impact.

TH215 - The Fire Escape & How It Influenced Building Safety
June 6 at 9:30am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.50 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
Join us for this session to learn how great fires empowered change in new building codes and the establishment of the National Fire Escape Association (NFEA). Building codes have evolved and consolidated, and egress has improved alongside those updates to fire escapes. In addition, you'll learn about the 2018 International Building Code's (IBC's) treatment of existing fire escapes. 

EL602a - Sustainable Streets & Thriving Neighborhoods
June 6 at 12:15pm | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.00 LU/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
Join this session to explore how walking paths and pavement design can bring communities together for more livable neighborhoods. Topics will include applications for traffic calming and the potential environmental benefits of pavement design.

Alternate session: EL602b

FR1113 - Historic Buildings as Energy Hogs: Debunking the Myth
June 7 at 8am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.00 LU/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
This presentation will use two projects as case studies: The Birch Bayh Federal Building (1905) and Louis Kahn's Richards Building (1962). Discover how renovations of these landmark structures retained their character-defining features while producing building performance that far exceeded expectations.

FR1115 - Repurposing Everyday Buildings: Extraordinary Renovations of Ordinary Structures
June 7 at 8am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.00 LU/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
Learn why architects are now expanding the use of adaptive reuse strategies to include buildings that would previously have been overlooked and demolished, review the history of adaptive reuse, and see examples of extraordinary renovations and additions to everyday buildings.

FR216 - The Portland Building: Postmodern Strategies for Preserving a Historic Icon
June 7 at 9:30am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.50 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
You'll learn how the project balanced faults in material and systems with durability, performance, and respect for the building's character-defining features. Be part of a healthy dialogue around present-day preservation and its postmodern challenges.

SA112 - Transforming Historic Academic Sites & Buildings: A Primer
June 8 at 10am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.00 LU/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
Don't miss this opportunity to heighten your awareness of environmentally responsible approaches to integrating the past and present into a more sustainable built environment for the future.

SA114 - Preserving a Remarkable WWII Pacific Island Battlefield
June 8 at 10am | Las Vegas Convention Center | 1.00 LU/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
The western Pacific island of Peleliu, in the Republic of Palau, housed a heavily fortified Japanese airbase. General Douglas MacArthur deemed it a strategic necessity to capture this airfield before he could proceed with the Philippine invasion. What remains today represents one of the most intact and evocative yet nearly forgotten WWII sites in the Pacific.

ET401 - Boulder City Historic Walking Tour
June 8 at 12:30pm | Las Vegas Convention Center | 2.00 LUs/HSW/GBCI/RIBA
This walking tour features five distinct areas constructed around the 1930s to house the men and woman who built the Hoover Dam. You’ll also visit historic parks, public buildings, and a small commercial district.


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