Passive House: A Proven Path Toward Resilient, Affordable & Energy Efficient Housing

When:  Oct 4, 2021 from 12:00 PM to 01:00 PM (ET)

Passive House: A Proven Path Toward Resilient, Affordable & Energy Efficient Housing

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The Passive House (PH) building standard is the most stringent energy efficiency standard in the world. Several affordable housing funders in the US are currently including it as one of the sustainability options in their competitive applications, and nationwide tens of thousands of units are already completed, under construction or in design. This session will identify the benefits of the PH building standard, including energy savings, comfort, resilience, affordability, durability and better health outcomes. It will identify the energy burdens on a low-income household, how PH can help alleviate those burdens, and other reasons why PH is a good fit for affordable housing. It will show the construction of a recently completed PH multifamily building in order to identify the design, documentation and construction methods necessary to achieve PH standards.

Learning outcomes:

  1. Identify principals of the Passive House Standard and their implementation during construction
  2. Explain energy burdens and why Passive House is a great fit with affordable housing
  3. Understand major milestones & common pitfalls in constructing a Passive House project
  4. Understand how the Passive House standard benefits the health and welfare of the residents of affordable housing

Karla Butterfield, Sustainability Director, Residential Building Services, Steven Winter Associates
Ms. Butterfield is a Sustainability Director at SWA, working with residential buildings. Her expertise is in sustainable consulting services, program certification support and implementation of high performance building technologies. With architects, developers, builders, and homeowners, she develops specific sustainability strategies for both new construction and renovations.

Susan Bridgewater Odell, AIA, CPHC, Senior Associate and Certified Passive House Consultant, Paul B. Bailey Architect
Ms. Odell has over 25 years of diverse experience in architecture with experience in single and multi-family residential architecture, commercial architecture, historic rehabilitation and master planning for Smart Growth. As Senior Associate at Paul B. Bailey Architect, she is responsible for ensuring the highest level of service for all clients. Motivated by a strong belief in the importance of sustainable housing for all, Susan is a certified Passive House consultant and strives to obtain the best energy-saving outcomes in all projects.