Webinar: The Importance of Photography

When:  Jun 17, 2019 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (ET)

Webinar: The Importance of Photography

Draw on industry experience, techniques, equipment and ideas. Explore topics such as composition, staging, lighting and editing. Learn how to communicate your voice through images, problem solve and effectively make snap decisions to improve your photography.

 Learning Objectives:     

  1. Take better photos using simple fundamentals
  2. Turn your passion into a finished body of work
  3. Discuss core photography concepts and get introduced to the gear you need to make great photographs
  4. Explore ways to think critically about your photos and analyze what is and isn’t working
  5. Take your skills to the next level
  6. Selfies are NOT included in this class!


Victor A. Mirontschuk, FAIA
EDI International

Victor A. Mirontschuk is a NYC based architect with 40+ years of experience in architecture and photography. As the founder of the architectural firm EDI International (1976), Victor provided many of the photos documenting the company's designs. His photography is seen in many architectural trade magazines and professional venues.
He is a prolific participant in both National Geographic’s Your Shot and USA Today’s Your Take, where his photos have been published online many times.



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