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The Public Architects (PA) Committee promotes excellence in public architecture and enhances the role of the public architect as an essential element in the planning, design, construction, and management of public facilities. Join us!

The Climate of Public Architecture-Expanding equitability for community resilience 

Wednesday, June 7, 2023, San Francisco, CA

The symposium, held in conjunction with AIA Conference on Architecture 2023,  will examine how meaningful public facilities flourish from the character of their communities. Public architecture should be open and inclusive in their forms and respect the histories of all community members. Public facilities are critical not only for the services they provide but must also address community members of all demographic and socioeconomic levels. The symposium will gather experts working in the field of public architecture to explore issues of engagement, inequity, and justice as they influence design, community, and practice. Working within the AIA’s Framework for Design Excellence, the symposium will highlight projects that seek to engage issues of resilience, access, and engagement. Learn more >

West Campus Development Plan with Search and Rescue Building and Live Fire Training Facility

  • 1.  West Campus Development Plan with Search and Rescue Building and Live Fire Training Facility

    Posted 8 days ago

    The Ohio Department of Commerce and its Division of the State Fire Marshal is seeking architectural services for multiple structures and a site development plan for future development of the west campus of the Ohio Fire Academy located at 8895 East Main Street in Reynoldsburg, Ohio.

    The Fire Academy's west campus site is 50-70 acres of relatively flat ground which was previously used as a drive-in movie theater. This plan should include a 3D model that could be configured by the SFM to allow for visual representation of any internal planning. Potential future use of the space may include Gas station fire and underground storage tank training facility, Fire Station Training House, Swiftwater Rescue Training Facility, and Petroleum / Industrial and Aircraft Rescue/Firefighting Training Simulators.

    The new Search & Rescue building will simulate a 4-story, mixed occupancy commercial / residential building. This structure will have features that include exterior walls made of brick with wood interior structures. The construction features create a series of concealed spaces that are dangerous to firefighters. This building will be approximately 80' wide x 24' deep. Attached to the rear of this building will be a 4-story high bay structure, measuring approximately 80' x 80'. This area will be outfitted with multiple drive through overhead doors and a truck loading dock on one side. The purpose of the high bay is to allow for year-round training.

    The existing live fire training tower is 5 stories and more than 45 years old. The new high-rise tower will be 8-10 stories tall, approximately 80' wide x 30' deep. This facility will provide the capability to conduct multiple training evolutions in commercial/light industrial settings, high-rise operations, and high angle rope rescue scenarios.

    Visit our Opportunities webpage for full competition details. Good luck!!!

    Lane Beougher, FAIA, Program Manager
    Ohio Facilities Construction Commission
    Columbus, Ohio
    23.03.15 CxD - Public Trust