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The K-12 Design Education and Outreach Community provides a forum for individuals and organizations with a dedication for kindergarten thru twelfth grade design education and outreach to connect with each other. Members are encouraged to share ideas, curriculum, challenges and successes with in-school and extracurricular programs and events that enlighten and educate K-12 students, families, and educators about architecture, sustainability and/or design.

Under this community, we welcome discussions on the events that you and/or your organizations provide to the public, such as student architectural tours, youth architecture fairs, career days and design competitions, and your programs with a focus on more extensive, long-term involvement in public, private and charter schools. Our goal is to learn from and inspire each other.

The Value of Architect Led K-12 Educational Programs

  • 1.  The Value of Architect Led K-12 Educational Programs

    Posted 10-04-2022 04:08 PM
    Architects have the knowledge and capability to improve outcomes in K-12 schools. However, we need to engage with schools to have an impact. Therefore, we need to consider the following questions and then act upon them:
    1. What do we want to do? Promote the inclusion of architecture and design education in school academics and to encourage architects to play an active role in facilitating it.
    2. Why is it important? Recognition of the importance of understanding the built environment in terms of how it affects us and how we can affect it.
    3. Who will benefit? Students can benefit by enabling them to recognize a career path, developing a connection between academics and real world application and impact, and building better citizens able to contribute in the design and use of the facilities and plans developed in our communities.
    4. Where will it have an impact? It can contribute to students being more connected to their academic work, building a better consumer of buildings to demand and produce better works, creating a pathway to the profession for a broader group of students, and promoting the appreciation for the work and value of architects.

    Judson Kline, FAIA
    CIVITAD Services, LLC
    Cleveland, Ohio