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Subject: media inquiry: highly elevated homes

1.  media inquiry: highly elevated homes

Posted 09-16-2013 11:11
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Hi all -

We've had great success finding sources via this channel and here is another inquiry that we hope to connect sources w/ the reporter.  If you have a project that fits this description please contact the reporter directly, copy me at and provide lo-res images only.

The story is about the revival of stilt-style or highly elevated homes built near the water, in the wake of several major storm seasons. We're looking for architects who have designed high-end homes like this recently, and have come up with interesting new takes on this design style. The story will feature several interesting examples of very recently built homes on stilts, including interviews with the architects and homeowners.  


Let me know if you'd mind posting this query, and if you have any questions in the meantime. (I got great response last time you did this, with several featured prominently in the story.)


Thank you,

Candace Jackson


Scott Frank
Director, Media Relations
The American Institute of Architects
Washington DC