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Topic: The AIA (cont) and the Covention 

1.  The AIA (cont) and the Covention

Posted 04-25-2013 20:02
Great discussion on people wanting architecture for next to nothing.  I had someone ask me why I charge thousands of dollars for my services where they can buy plans for a fraction of the cost.  I told them that if they buy those plans they have to conform their lifestyle to accommodate the plan.  Then I told them,with using my services the plans conform to the lifestyle of the client.  The follow up question to them is.. "Which is better?"  Now this particular client couldn't see past their nose so my final comment to them was... If you expect me to work for less money than the people that pick up your trash, then have them draw your plans for you.  Needless to say I didn't get the job, but the "Which is better" question on other clients have worked well.

Richard Weie AIA
Urban Arena
Costa Mesa CA