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1.  AIA Dues

Posted 04-25-2013 17:35
I am a member of AIADallas SFRT. At a CEU lunch and learn last year both Architects and Engineers (P.E.) were invited jointly. Eventually the subject of dues for our respective organizations became the topic. The AIA members stated their annual dues, then the P.E.'s stated theirs; $75.00/annually. You cannot imagine the quiet pall that befell the group.

Duane Chafin
Director of Design
Sage Architecture, Inc.
Dallas TX

2.  RE:AIA Dues

Posted 04-26-2013 18:32
WOW! and I just paid over $650 to renew my membership which included state and local dues as well as national. The state chapter hosts high brow  events in Richmond from time to time but I have neither the time nor the money to travel there. Oh, and they are headquartered in an expensive to maintain historic building and their only really worthwhile contribution seems to be a yearly state convention that we have to go to to get CE credits to, guess what, maintain our membership. Talk about a self licking lollipop.

Thad Broom AIA
Thad A. Broom AIA, P.C.
Virginia Beach VA

3.  RE:AIA Dues

Posted 04-27-2013 18:40

Mark Robin AIA
Mark Robin Architecture
Nashville TN

There are alot more engineers than architects to fill the coffers.

4.  RE:AIA Dues

Posted 04-29-2013 19:23
More accurately: there are a lot more members to fill their coffers. And the AIA would have more members if dues were kept affordable. In addition, if the AIA has fewer members to serve, its overall budget should be lower, no?

We have a lot of AIA staffers at all levels wasting time regulating CE and sponsoring CE events, which could be eliminated altogether if the AIA stopped requiring CE but left that to the state boards instead. We also have a lot of AIA staffers at all levels wasting time tilting at windmills with no benefit to the members. Let regulatory agencies, the USGBC and individual architects who are part of those groups or otherwise interested make up their own minds about sustainability and let's not waste another AIA minute or dollar on it. Let's also jettison the "official magazine" and its costs. If AIA national isn't going to sponsor some sort of national advertising campaign on our behalf, there's no reason for them to exist. All the state and local presidents can meet a few times a year to make decisions on a national level. All we need is a couple of federal lobbyists.

Sean Catherall AIA
Herriman UT