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1.  Slate shingle replacements

Posted 07-15-2013 17:46
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I know for years there have been a lot of companies making various lighter, stronger "slates" out of various materials, some of which have proved to not be durable, or of questionable material makeup, or just not function well.  I am currently looking for something to put on a small building that looks like traditional diamond slates, and have some track record or at least a good chance of durability in the long run.  I am doing some research, but I haven't used "fake" slates before so I thought I'd ask if anyone here might have a recommendation - something you have used and liked, or seen elsewhere, etc.  The more detail the better.

And thank you.

Martha John AIA
Columbia MO

2.  RE:Slate shingle replacements

Posted 07-16-2013 18:03
I used a vinyl "slate" shingle about five or six years ago that looks very real and has held up very well.  What you want to stay away from are the vinyls or composites made from recycled materials.  Use only "virgin" material.  I was warned about this from a roofer
I trust, as he said that recycled materials can react differently to heat, and he has seen warping of the product.  The shingle we
used was Lamarite.  We are in California, so I cannot speak for freeze/thaw conditions. 

Gina Moffitt AIA
Kiyohara & Moffitt
Los Angeles CA

3.  RE:Slate shingle replacements

Posted 07-17-2013 17:57
I have been using Inspire by Tapco with great success.  The oldest installation is approximately 5 years old.  So far so good!

John Lehman AIA
Lehman Associates, PC
Highland MD