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The Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) mission is to improve both the quality of healthcare design and the design of healthy communities by developing, documenting, and disseminating knowledge; educating design practitioners and other related constituencies; advancing the practice of architecture; and affiliating and advocating with others that share these priorities.

Call for proposals: Justice conference on mental health

  • 1.  Call for proposals: Justice conference on mental health

    Posted 05-29-2018 12:41
    Edited by Isabella Rosse 05-29-2018 12:46
    The Academy of Architecture Justice (AAJ) Knowledge Community is hosting their conference, Enlightened Justice: Advancing Treatment, this November in New Jersey. The theme for the 2018 conference builds on previous conference themes (social justice, challenging the status quo, transdisciplinary justice) with a focus on the mental health crisis in the justice system. Share your expertise with your peers! Consider submitting a proposal.

    According to the National Alliance on Mental Health, it is estimated more than 2 million arrests in the US involve people with serious mental illnesses. This conference will highlight traditional justice building types (corrections/detention, courts and law enforcement), but highly encourages presenters to focus on innovative solutions / concepts that address the mental health crisis through a lens of community engagement, treatment, and operations that transcends building type. Collaborating with other subject matter experts including but not limited to policymakers, healthcare practitioners and community advocates is also encouraged.

    Proposals will be assessed by a group of peer reviewers comprised of subject matter experts in the justice architecture industry and evaluated according to the criteria below.

    • Proposals are rated, ranked and selected based on the following criteria:
      • Topic discussed is an objective best practice
      • Relevance of the content to the conference theme
      • Solutions that are innovative and/or an emerging practice trend

    The deadline to submit is June 1, 2018 at Noon Eastern Time.
    For more details on how to submit, please visit the proposals page.

    Vincent Della Donna AIA
    Jackson NJ