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Define Conformed Drawings

  • 1.  Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 16 days ago
    I know that the AIA defines "Confirmed Drawing" as bid documents that have been revised to include addendum and bidding clarifications. In my fifty years of practice, I have never seen the term used.  I am now faced with a situation where I have to have a better understanding of these documents.  Are they required for a GMP CMAR contract?  How often is the term used, and does it always mean the same thing?  Anything else you can offer.

    Thanks for your help

    David Brotman FAIA
    Past AIA Regional Director
    Sunset Consultants
    Scottsdale AZ

  • 2.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 15 days ago
    Edited by Richard Scott 15 days ago
    In our area, Owners and Contractors often request a "Conformed Set of Drawings" which is a set that includes all the latest sheets.  Less often we receive requests for "Conformed Set of Specifications".  As normal process we keep a conformed PDF set and half size set printed set for our office use.  We include the original sheet and each revision of the sheet as we find that history helpful.  For ease of recognition, we put a red line across the outdated sheets corner to corner.  I can't cite any official definition for "Conformed Set".  This is just anecdotal.  Best of luck!

    R. Dean Scott, AIA
    R. Dean Scott, Architect, Inc.
    Jacksonville FL

  • 3.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 14 days ago
    I would not worry about the term "Confirmed Drawing" but rather the process needed to address any changes necessary to the Contract Documents as a result of answering bidding questions or clarifications. Any answers that require changes to the documents need to be picked up and highlighted via normal clouding and delta revisions. They will then become part of the "Issued for Construction" Contract document package. I also live in Scottsdale so if you want to discuss this further feel free to call me. 602-418-4302.

    E. Michael Stanley, AIA, LEED AP
    Stanley Consulting Services, LLC

    E. Michael Stanley AIA
    Scottsdale AZ

  • 4.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 14 days ago

    In my experience, the term is "conformed" rather than "confirmed," and they are issued for the contractors convenience (although you may be required by your contract to issue them) since they simply indicate in one complete set contract information that has already been issued in other binding forms.  The typical time for delivery is after the bid and prior to construction, but I have also seen conformed drawings issued later in construction where significant changes have been issued along the way.  Such a set can help alleviate confusion in the field.  Obviously, there is always a concern about whether the conformed set contains (purposely or accidentally) new information that hadn't previously been issued and that would affect the cost or schedule of the project.  The process of confirming that the conformed set is consistent with previously issued (and contract-included) information can get more complicated as the project progresses.


    In my experience, conformed sets can be issued in any project delivery arrangement.   However, in a GMP contract, particularly when the GMP is provided on the basis of early phase drawings, I would not consider later stage drawings to be conformed drawings because they contain additional information that has an impact on cost and schedule.  One hopes the impact will be contained within contingencies, but the information given is new and must be integrated into the cost model for the project, which is not the case with conformed drawings.


    John C. Kohlhas AIA

    John Kohlhas
    Principal | Director of Operations
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  • 5.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 14 days ago
    Conformed Drawings are listed as a potential supplemental services in in the AIA B101-2017.  We usually include this in the scope of basic services along with as-designed record documents.  The hard line between design and construction is often blurry.  We have found that wit is necessary to keep the model and construction documents current throughout the process.  I would think that this would apply to any format of an Owner-Contractor agreement.

    Timothy Pellowski AIA
    STG Design
    Austin TX

  • 6.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 14 days ago
    I have experienced use of the term a lot. I have generated "conformed" sets for a CMAR to establish their final GMP package submittal which will include their list of assumptions and clarifications (A's & C's) to the drawing and project manual/specification documents, Division 01 and to pre-con RFI responses. I have also generated "conformed drawings" for bid projects that a General Contractor will use for a field set. 

    The term definition is incorporated in the Owner-Contractor or Owner-CMAR agreement.  I would recommend including time in the project work plan and design phase schedule and including the associated cost (hours) to cover this task.
    Michael L. Katzin, AIA, NCARB
    a | 425 Leasingham Way | Johns Creek, GA 30097
    p | 470.469.5586

  • 7.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 14 days ago
    Perhaps less formally, with our Design-Build projects, which is all we do as in-house architects, a "conformed set" could be understood as a set of drawings that catches up or re-aligns with the cost model, or just a "For Construction" set.  For instance, we may issue pricing sets or DD sets during design that are priced as we go, and scope and cost discussions are held by our estimating team, and us, and subcontractors that don't necessarily make it into the drawings until we provide the conformed or construction set.  These may be changes made during design, or simply, 'hey estimators, don't forget while pricing this that our DD set didn't show 2 inches of rigid foam there but we need it', but now we know we all need to show what was included in pricing.
    If the set is issued for construction, and includes design changes that aren't yet priced, we'll issue that conformed set with revision tags and bubbles, noting items like you would an ASI or a Change Order on a typical design-bid-build project.

    Michael Tulp AIA
    Story Construction
    Ames IA

  • 8.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 10 days ago
    On the written document side, our standard specification practice for our architect clients has become to issue a Conformed Set for Construction. Individual addendum specification sections are produced during the procurement phase using bold and strikeout to indicate changes to the section. Issuing a Conformed Set then merely requires assembling the most recent documents.

    To be on the safe side, the architect may consider including a statement that conformed documents are issued for the Contractor's convenience, and that the Contract Documents remain those issued originally, plus the original addendum documents.

    Philip Kabza AIA
    SpecGuy Specifications Consultants
    Mount Dora FL

  • 9.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 10 days ago
    State of Georgia projects look for the specs to be to be revised in track changes for every submittal.

    Michael Katzin AIA
    Michael Katzin Project Services, LLC
    Johns Creek GA

  • 10.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 9 days ago
    I'm not sure where the AIA "defines" Conformed Drawings.  I am sure that such services are uniformly listed as a potential supplemental service in most of the Owner-Architect agreements.  In my opinion, this is an example of a service that used to be relatively rarely needed but is increasingly demanded by General Contractors, and General Contractors masquerading as Construction Managers on all kinds and scales of projects to shift risk from themselves back to the architect.  Worse still, architects seem more than willing to acquiesce.

    Remember that any AIA Owner-Contractor or Construction Manager agreement defines the Contract Documents as the Agreement, the conditions of the contract, the drawings and specifications, plus any addenda or other documents issued prior to the agreement, and then any modifications issued after agreement.  It is the Contractor/CM's job to correlate those various elements in the fulfillment of its obligations under the contract.  When we agree to provide Conformed Drawings, we shift the responsibility for correlation back to the Architect.  If an addendum item slips through the cracks, that becomes an error or omission of the architect, and it seems to me that risk is high.

    The trick is to communicate to the Owner that the process is not broken. The Contractor/CM doesn't need the conformed set, but having it certainly makes their life easier (and safer if you buy my thesis).  The cost to create the drawings, and there should be a cost to not only conduct the technical task of incorporating all the changes as well as the more difficult task of making sure it's all there and coordinated, doesn't really benefit the Owner, it benefits the Contractor/CM.

    Kevin Miller AIA
    GSBS Architects
    Salt Lake City UT

  • 11.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 8 days ago
    I think you intended to say "conformed documents". In the instructions for the B101 Agreement, conformed documents are defined as Construction Documents modified to include any addenda issued during the bidding or negotiation process and accepted alternates, and are commonly identified as "Issued For Construction" documents. Conformed documents are a benefit to everyone on the project team, not just the general contractor or construction manager. This is not rare, but a routine request in today's construction market. You can offer to create conformed documents as an additional service in your agreement with the Owner. The benefits to everyone far outweigh the minor cost. 

    Donald Henke AIA
    Design Manager
    Turner Construction Company
    Dallas TX

  • 12.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 7 days ago

    Issues can sometimes arise around the continuous updating of conformed documents during the CA phase of a large complex construction project.  It's important to clearly define the line where Conformed Drawings end and Contractor "As-Builts" begin.  The role of the constructor in maintaining "As-Builts" so that record drawings can be efficiently produced at the end of a project needs to be clearly defined by all parties.  Often times the contractor doesn't have the ability to do this efficiently because of technology limitations, especially where a BIM model is being used throughout the project for construction coordination purposes as well.


    Michael Myers AIA, LEED Green Associate
    Principal | Architecture Leader


    415.549.8815 d | 925.588.3313 c
    417 Montgomery St., Suite 400 | San Francisco, CA 94104 |

    | Facebook | Instagram 


  • 13.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 6 days ago
    As a reminder - in B101-2017 includes, "conformed documents for construction," in the supplemental services list. The list also includes "as-designed record drawings," and "as-constructed record drawings." The Owner-Architect Agreement does not include the term, as-built."  Seems the as-built term that was used extensively in the 70's and 80's lives on. We have contractors, CM@R's and clients that use these terms interchangeably so this is a great topic for AIA Contract Documents to clarify all the terms we are experiencing.
    Michael L. Katzin, AIA, NCARB
    a | 425 Leasingham Way | Johns Creek, GA 30097
    p | 470.469.5586

  • 14.  RE: Define Conformed Drawings

    Posted 6 days ago

    I agree. The conformed set of documents is issued once, at the start of construction. From that point forward the construction manager is responsible for maintaining record drawings during construction, which is typically maintained electronically via Procore, or Plangrid, etc. I see the VDC coordination model as a separate process. At the end of the project the construction manager will have both the PDF record set of 2D documents with any construction changes, and the completed VDC coordination model.




    Donald C Henke, AIA, Assoc. DBIA, LEED AP │ Design Manager

    Turner Construction Company | mobile 469-321-6946 |