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The mission of the AIA Design for Aging (DFA) Knowledge Community is to foster design innovation and disseminate knowledge necessary to enhance the built environment and quality of life for an aging society. This includes relevant research on characteristics, planning and costs associated with innovative design for aging. In addition, DFA provides outcome data on the value of these design solutions and environments.

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Strategies for Safer Senior Living Communities
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Opportunity to participate on FGI Guidelines topic groups

  • 1.  Opportunity to participate on FGI Guidelines topic groups

    Posted 06-05-2015 02:09 PM
    This message has been cross posted to the following Discussion Forums: Design for Aging and Academy of Architecture for Health .
    For the 2018 FGI Guidelines revision cycle, a number of topic groups are being put together to consider how particular issues are addressed across the Guidelines documents: Hospital, Outpatient, and Residential.

    We would love to hear from you if you would like to participate in identifying the baseline requirements for addressing the following issues in health care and residential care physical environments:
    • Bariatric accommodations - physical environment support for safe provision of care to this population
    • Emergency preparedness - physical environment considerations to support a health care organization's readiness to respond in an emergency
    • "Geriatric" accommodations - design responses to support the needs of those with reduced mobility and other special needs in all health care and residential care facilities
    • Technology - design responses to the continually changing needs of modern technology, both clinical and administrative
    • Security - appropriate physical environment features to support a facility's security program
    • Sustainability - baseline requirements for design and construction

    Please send an e-mail indicating your interest and expertise to me at

    More details about the 2018 FGI Guidelines revision cycle are available on the FGI website:
    Pamela Blumgart
    Managing Editor
    Facility Guidelines Institute