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The Construction Contract Administration Knowledge Community (CCA) has been established to help our members better understand the issues, actions and resultant impact of the decisions required in this often neglected part of Project Delivery. It is our goal to provide clear answers to issues of concern to the Institute’s membership and share case studies and best practices. We further hope to provide guidance and direction in developing guidelines for new and evolving approaches to Project Delivery as well as guidance in the continuing education of our emerging young professionals.

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  • 1.  Counter/double-logging

    Posted 09-25-2020 10:27 AM

    Counter/double-logging of thousands of the Contractor's construction phase documents takes the Architect a whole LOT of extra (uncompensated) CA hours.  Submittals and RFIs, etc. are, of course, NOT Contract Documents.  They are of, by, and for the Contractor to show how they intend to comply with design intent we define in the actual Contract Documents, as we should fully and carefully specify in Divisions 00 and 01, while they fulfill their contractual responsibilities to the Owner.  Yes, we always need to review submittals in whatever time period with whatever actions we agreed to do in our Agreement with our client, but double-logging separately by us and the Contractor can just become you-altered-vs-I-altered claims, proving very little other than inviting arbitration/litigation and costing us a lot of wasted effort. 


    The better--and far more cost-effective solution for both Owner and Architect-- is to preemptively specify in section 013100, in detail, a NEUTRAL jointly-controlled project website service with automatic notices, reminders, etc. to be included in the Construction Cost.  Architects do NOT have to silently settle for a 'free' Contractor-controlled website by default--the GC can still use their own software system to do subcontract accounting, etc., which is an appropriate part of their internal overhead costs.  A neutral project website service such as Submittal Exchange also enables a fully transparent, unalterable permanent record of ALL types of construction phase information, including meeting minutes, testing, O&M materials, etc. to the benefit of the Owner's entire project.  The record of all construction phase activity is retained by Owner, Contractor and Architect via an archive disk at the end of the project.  


    And, this can completely eliminate logging dispute problems, for the record.



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