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The Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) provides knowledge which supports the design of healthy environments by creating education and networking opportunities for members of – and those touched by – the healthcare architectural profession.

Join us 03/13 for a Health Care 101 Webinar on CMS Conditions of Participation

  • 1.  Join us 03/13 for a Health Care 101 Webinar on CMS Conditions of Participation

    Posted 03-02-2018 17:06

    CMS Conditions of Participation


    Participation in Medicare and Medicaid programs are crucial for a hospital's financial well being. The 2012 edition of NFPA 101: Life Safety Code® and other codes and standards are adopted and amended through the Conditions of Participations (COPs). To receive reimbursement for services provided in a hospital these conditions must be met. 

    This session will walk through several different healthcare occupancies and discuss the differences within the COPS and some of the adopted codes and what portions of the regulations are retroactive. The presenter will also lead a discussion on the next steps for future Life Safety Code adoption and participation opportunities for attendees.

    Learning objectives

    After participating in this webinar attendees will be equipped to:

    1. Identify the new CMS requirements for hospitals and other provider types and discuss CMS's goal of improving the health and safety of patients through the conditions.
    2. Understand the different applications of the COPs and their impact on the built environment.
    3. Discuss the differences between the COPs and local regulations that may affect construction projects or operations.
    4. Plan a compliance strategy for existing hospitals for compliance with the COPs.


    Aurelie Josserand AIA,
    Washington DC