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The Academy of Architecture for Health (AAH) provides knowledge which supports the design of healthy environments by creating education and networking opportunities for members of – and those touched by – the healthcare architectural profession.

COVID-19 resources for healthcare design

You can contribute information to the AIA COVID-19 project database, and view all submitted projects. Visit the Alternative Care Sites preparedness site to learn important areas to evaluate when selecting ACSs for the care and treatment of COVID-19 or surge capacity patients.

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Call for Entries - COVID-19 Rapid Response Project Delivery Case Studies

  • 1.  Call for Entries - COVID-19 Rapid Response Project Delivery Case Studies

    Posted 06-20-2020 05:05 PM
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    Dear Knowledge Communities,

    As we approach the key dates, this announcement serves to guide you on when, where, and how to submit your Project Delivery case study submission(s).

    Step #1: Use the attached Project Delivery case study ppt template to fill in your project information.

    Step #2COVID-19 project database form

    Upload your Project Delivery case study ppt file(s) onto the COVID-19 project database. Link: data submissions

    Participants must use the attached case study template to help viewers distinguish Project Delivery case studies from other projects.

    Step #3:  Reply to this invitation to submit your Project Delivery case study entries.  A firm or individual can have more than one entries.

    The AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PDKC) is collecting these case studies for a deeper look into what is captured through the lens of project delivery.

    Step #4:  Participants may submit their case study entry via email to, as an alternate method. 


    The AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PDKC) is currently gathering Case Studies of COVID-19 rapid response projects that will demonstrate the importance of Project Delivery and help architects rise to the occasion. 

    Interested architects who have worked on this type of projects are invited to submit their entries between June 26th and July 2nd so as to be considered for their work to be published on the AIA KnowledgeNet website in July.  Additionally, the case studies would also be presented to the AIA Board Knowledge Committee in early August so as to recognize and highlight architects' work and inspire the awareness of Project Delivery in our profession. 

    Interested architects will use the attached template that will guide the participants to fill in the specific project information.

    Share this opportunity with your associates, colleagues, and friends.

    On behalf of the AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community, I look forward to your participation for us to recognize your work.

    Thank you.

    Grace Lin, AIA

    2019 & 2020 Chair


    Grace Lin, AIA
    Chair, AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Leadership Group
    Senior Project Manager, CBRE
    Adjunct Professor, Columbia University