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Flooring Performance: Mannington BioSpec MD

  • 1.  Flooring Performance: Mannington BioSpec MD

    Posted 08-26-2020 08:49 AM

    A colleague in our hospital system used the sheet vinyl floor Mannington BioSpec MD in the OR's which is experiencing a failure.  The product was recently installed between June 2018 and June 2019 in several phases.  Today the floors looks worse than the old flooring that was removed. We are experiencing many tears and gouges under normal usage.  

                  Has anyone had a good or similar poor experience with this product?  We are trying to determine if this is an isolated product failure or a poorly suited product, as we will definitely need to replace these floors in the coming months.





    I am anxious to hear if my AIA colleagues have similar experiences or recommendations.


    Thank you,



    Carol Downey Fuller. AIA, LEED AP, CIPM

    Program Director, Planning
    Community Provider Services
    Merex Building (3514 Fifth Avenue)
    200 Lothrop Street
    Pittsburgh, PA 15213

    T  412-864-2175
    F  412-647-0258
    C  412-999-9327



  • 2.  RE: Flooring Performance: Mannington BioSpec MD

    Posted 08-28-2020 09:33 AM
    I've specified Mannington Biospec for years without problems.  Occasional repairs are sometimes needed, but these can normally be patched or welded.

    William Downing AIA ACHA
    Iowa City IA