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The Committee on Design (COD) was founded to promote design excellence among members of the AIA, the broader design community, and the public at large, both nationally and internationally.

In April 2019, COD was in San Francisco for it's annual domestic conference. Check out the conference resources and the pictures!

  • 1.  South India behind the scenes

    Posted 01-22-2018 21:58


    This article is second in a series of reports from a three week trip through Kerala and Tamil Nadu in Southern India. 

    Some say, that you either love or hate India the moment you step out of the plane. Equally the announcement of a trip to India is met with disbelief ("why India?"), horror stories ("all my friends who traveled there had terrible diarrhea"), and occasional enthusiasm ("India will change you, if you let it, and you will come back as a better being").
    Indian and US architecture students collaborating on urban research in India

    Out of stories about India over the years formed an amalgam that is worse than absolute ignorance: A thicket of bias, half information and news accumulated over a lifetime can easily give the impression of knowledge when it is far from it.

    Most Americans haven't been in India and don't really care to know much about the far away place. I was one of those who didn't see a particular need to change whatever ideas were spooking around in my head about the subcontinent from news-stories about train accidents, floods and unsanitary waters.

    Until Morgan University's architecture program presented me with the possibility of joining them for a trip to the Indian States of Kerala and..

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