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The Committee on Design (COD) was founded to promote design excellence among members of the AIA, the broader design community, and the public at large, both nationally and internationally.

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Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the AIA Committee on Design leadership voted to postpone the domestic and international conferences to 2021. The new dates for the conferences are Denver, May 13 to 16, and Singapore, October 9 to 22.

Buildings that give architects comfort: #4 and 5 in the series

  • 1.  Buildings that give architects comfort: #4 and 5 in the series

    Posted 05-06-2020 14:52

    The mother art is architecture. Without an architecture of our own we have no soul of our own civilization."
     Frank Lloyd Wright

    About this series:
    Emergencies sharpen our senses for what we usually take for granted. We are rubbing our eyes and begin to look at the world like a newborn: in wonder. 
    Buildings and architecture can provide security and comfort. What buildings can do that for architects? I thought that was an interesting question in a time of uncertainty, insecurity and reset.  
    The White Room at the Uris Library, Cornell University, Ithaca NY

    So I sent to my architect friends a fundamental question: Which building is your best friend? Which piece of architecture do you like most, which influenced you? This is #4 in the series of responses. 

    Thus man, who, in addition to the senses which other animals enjoy in common with him, is gifted by nature with such powers of thought and understanding, that [he] proceeded by degrees to a knowledge of the other arts and sciences, and passed from a savage state of life to one of civilization. (Vitruvius: De Architectura: Book II)

    This article offers the contributions of two Baltimore area architects, David Benn and Jane Willeboordse.

    David Benn, AIA
    It is a hard question to answer. Many internal arguments about Soane's house in London, Aalto's Saynatsalo, a wonderful place like Amsterdam or the mill village we helped design at Clipper Mill in Baltimore....
    But I will make a case  for Cornell's Uris library as a favorite. I spent many......


    [Klaus] Philipsen FAIA
    Archplan Inc. Philipsen Architects
    Baltimore MD
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