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The Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) is a large and active group of architects and allied professionals concerned with the quality and design of all types of educational, cultural, and recreational facilities.

  • 1.  Letter from the 2021 chair

    Posted 01-21-2021 10:28 AM
    Edited by Bruce Bland 03-18-2021 10:46 AM

    As we finally enter 2021, I feel a renewed sense of hope about the year ahead. 2020 was a tough one we will never forget. Our educational environments have been challenged by this pandemic in ways we could never have imagined. These changes will alter the course of learning and how it occurs for years to come. During my time on the AIA Committee on Architecture for Education, I have been amazed by the strength of this Knowledge Community in effecting change in so many ways. Please join us as we strive to make spaces better for all the learners across the entire educational continuum. Let this be the year in which our cause for change is more collaborative and multidisciplinary than ever before. Become an active participant as these important efforts are initiated for these much-needed changes in architecture for education.


    We welcome your AIA CAE engagement through our Discussion Forum with a focus on one or more of our six sub-committees and task forces or through your virtual attendance of our new bi-monthly interactive sessions which this year will center around the 10 principles which form the AIA Framework for Design Excellence.


    This new program will combine leaders and members from multiple sub-committees and task forces to combine related principles with hopes of sparking robust and diverse points of view. It is our hope that this program will make us better architects and members of our community of learners. This year while in-person conferences are unlikely, we will strive to bring you relevant, inspiring content and thought-provoking sessions that inspire change and growth. Join us for our first session, Creating Equitable and Adaptable & Resilient Educational Environments on Thursday, February 18, 2021 from 2-3pm EST.


    This year, CAE hopes to strengthen connections to our Committee from all walks of life and from all parts of the country. There will be an initiative to better link CAE activities on the national level with the activities of local CAE committees throughout the country to foster greater sharing of our collective resources. What will unite us is our strong values and unique ability to transform our world of learners everywhere.


    I am honored to lead this remarkable group of talented professionals this year and look forward to contributing to the dialogue that makes all our educational environments ultimately safer, healthier, more engaging, and more connected. Please feel free to reach out should you have any questions, concerns or suggestions. Thanks for your dedication and here is to an extraordinary 2021! 


    Michael A. Nieminen FAIA 2021 AIA CAE Chair

    Michael Nieminen

    Michael Nieminen FAIA
    Kliment Halsband Architects
    New York NY
    committee on architecture for education event design for energy oct. 21  2-3 pm ET 1 LU free