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The Committee on Architecture for Education (CAE) is a large and active group of architects and allied professionals concerned with the quality and design of all types of educational, cultural, and recreational facilities.

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  • 1.  STEAM

    Posted 11-01-2017 22:03
    During the EDspaces one session discussed the STEAM curriculum and why we are adding the 'A'. The STEAM studio was introduced to the attendees where their mission is to be a catalyst for change via living demonstration of an education system that supports educators in immersive outcomes. The 'A' to STEAM studio means art and being creative and changing the mindset of children.

    What do you believe the 'A' stands for?
    Will there be more STEAM studios forming around the world giving a new definition to collaboration and innovation?
    While design thinking is something we are already doing every day, how would you define design thinking for architects and educators?
    Are we struggling with design thinking because our environments are surrounded by judgment and embarrassment?

    Kristen Houghton
    Northfield VT
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  • 2.  RE: STEAM

    Posted 11-02-2017 18:18
    I think a better "letter" to incorporate into STEM is "C" for creativity.  For some reason STECM does not sound as good as STEAM though so we should probably stick with the letter A. :-)  Although a certain amount of "artistic" ability can be taught, forcing non-artistic kids to incorporate "art" into their learning is creating a road block in my opinion.  Having raised two creative kids has shown me that.  My daughter has always loved art, and loved projects where she got to model, decorate, or otherwise be artistic with her presentation.  My son on the other hand is more creative with his thoughts, looking at problems from an alternative perspective, coming up with creative stories, asking questions about things that may seem way out of left field, etc.  Both of them are creative, but my son is not what you would consider artistic.  He dreaded projects where he had to be artistic with his presentation.

    Based on what I know of my two kids, I think it is important to keep the A defined fairly loosely, and focus more on creativity.  Allow the more artistic kids to express their knowledge and understanding in an artistic manner, but recognize and promote non-artistic forms of creativity as well.

    My two cents...
    Brad A McKenzie, AIA
    Assistant Director of Business Operations
    Project Architect
    3750 S. Fremont Springfield, MO 65804
    P417-877-9600 (ext. 228)  F417-877-9696  E: | Facebook Twitter | CONFIDENTIALITY NOTICE

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  • 3.  RE: STEAM

    Posted 11-03-2017 17:45

    The 'A' in STEAM is not literally art as in drawing. It can be drama, music, or any other expression of the creative component of communication and education. I've always told students there are no limitations to expressing your design ideas. If interpretive dance works best, use it. The bottom line is communication in whatever format facilitates clear understanding by your receiving audience.


    Brad Thomason, AIA, LEED AP

    Director of Integration


    (p) 319-731-2836

    (c) 319-389-9145


    Ryan Companies US, Inc.

    625 1st Street SE, Suite 175

    Cedar Rapids, IA  52401




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  • 4.  RE: STEAM

    Posted 11-03-2017 19:48
      |   view attached
    I've decided to respond with an attachment regarding the STEAM conversation if that is considered acceptable.

    Leland Edgecombe, AIA, ASLA, AICP/CNU

    The Edgecombe Group, Inc.
    Architecture / Landscape Architecture / Urban Design
      3116 Hamilton Street,#5115
    Hyattsville, MD. 20782
    Tele: 301-864-0042


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  • 5.  RE: STEAM

    Posted 11-03-2017 19:53
    Hi Leland,

    That link did not go live. Can you please send it again.


    Tara Imani, AIA, NCIDQ, ASID, CSI
    Registered Architect + Interior Designer

    Tara Imani Designs, LLC
    10333 Richmond Avenue, Suite 170
    Houston, TX 77042

    Work/Mobile Ph: 832-723-1798

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  • 6.  RE: STEAM

    Posted 11-07-2017 17:59
    The emerging neuroscience evidence suggests that art/creativity in many forms stimulates comprehension in other, often unrelated areas--precisely such as science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  Playing Mozart may aid in the comprehension of math concepts, for example.  You might even say art truly puts the steam in STEM!

    Kurt C. Hunker, FAIA
    The Office of Kurt Hunker, FAIA
    San Diego CA

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  • 7.  RE: STEAM

    Posted 11-09-2017 09:17
    Neuroscience also suggests that the continued prohibition of traditionally inspired design is detrimental to people's wellbeing.  Imagine music subscribing to the notion of composing 'for our time'.

    Daniel Morales AIA

    Daniel Morales AIA
    Company Architect
    Parkwood Homes
    Silver Spring MD

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