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Furniture Design with Hidden Compartments

  • 1.  Furniture Design with Hidden Compartments

    Posted 12-07-2018 16:34

    For those studying architecture and design, there's a growing movement of houses with safe rooms, hidden cabinets and furniture with secret compartments. Since it's not viable to build a safe room next to your bedroom, having a bedside table with a storage compartment is the next best thing.

    Why would we want this? Especially in this world of increased security threats including home invasions and robberies, people wan to feel safe in their own home. As such, they often search for furniture with secrets compartments. For students studying furniture design, this is the new wave of the industry, a niche marking that is quickly becoming mainstream. Not only can a hidden shelf in your bedroom table store guns but it also keeps these away from prying eyes. No one wants peeking eyes seeing what kind of sex fetishes we enjoy! Furniture with storage compartments is typically used for storing guns and valuables though, sex toys often aren't values enough to stash away in such style, although there is a new Kickstater company that just designed elegant sex toy storage boxesMy goal is also create a company on Kicksterter that combines storage tables for guns and small lock boxes for sex toys. I'd like to see full compartments with a childproof lock, perhaps a jig that requires you to hold one end while pressing the other to open the door. I would like to see hinged doors with space for the long vibrators, wide boxes that hold a strap on and a small shelf for lubricant. You may laugh at me now, but give it 5 years and I promise you'll see my products on the internet. They will be also found in couples bedrooms but no one will admit they own one, of course!

    In the table photographed below, we have a press lock style shelf that slides down and can hold a gun (or a vibrator. lol)

    Bedside tables are the most common style that have a secret compartment and this is what I will evolve. It's the easiest way to protect yourself at night. The table has a drawer that pulls out like any other drawer, but the exception is there are no handles or obvious markings on the panel that signify it can be pulled out. The bookshelf design is more complex with a fake wall in front, and a door that opens on hinges to expose the entire back that can be lined with valuables, sex toys or guns. In this case, the false wall isn't obvious at all because it looks like a regular bookshelf. You may want to set this up in a corner because it may be obvious that the side of the shelf appears deeper than the books its holding. Th false wall will take up a few inches of space. This can be disputed however because criminals are not going to consider the thickness of your bookshelf.

    For more furniture with secret storage, visit which makes beautiful styles of furniture. I am a design student and an interested in pursuing this nice of design because I think ti will be very popular very soon. I have no affiliation with this company, but I do won one of their pieces and am inspired to further this product line and design some similar pieces. I will also design smaller tables to store vibrators because this is also an issue that needs addressing – I have too many damn vibrators and worry about the kids finding them by accident! Thanks to the internet, I am anonymous and can write this nugget of humor without embarrassing myself. Anyway, this is my opening article that will begin my entire career so thanks for taking the time to read it and I hope you had a good chuckle! Happy designing!

    Donna Tuber
    Charter High School for Architecture and Design
    Philadelphia PA