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The goal of the Building Performance Knowledge Community (BPKC) is to promote architects as leaders in the application of technical design for building performance; in the use of high-performance design criteria, codes, and standards; and in programming, designing and managing building performance. To advance, disseminate, and advocate—to the architecture profession, AIA members, building owners, the construction industry, the academy, and the public—design practices that create buildings that are healthy, energy efficient, and durable.

Sign the Letter to DOE to Protect Vital Programs! Plus Learn about our Advocacy Strategy.

  • 1.  Sign the Letter to DOE to Protect Vital Programs! Plus Learn about our Advocacy Strategy.

    Posted 04-14-2017 11:02
    Hi COTE Community: 

    Thanks to all of you who helped promote your  firms' names to the recent letter highlighting the importance of EPA programs to architects. The letter received 775 firm signatures and has been delivered to EPA Administrator Pruitt as well as Members of House and Senate Energy Committees on Capitol Hill. Moving forward, it will continue to serve as a strategic outreach tool to use in advocating with policymakers for architects' concerns. 

    Now, the design industry must also stand up for vital programs at the Department of Energy which may also face the chopping block. Architects rely on many DOE programs, resources, and research to do their jobs effectively. We need to educate key officials about the value of the programs they are now tasked with managing. Decisions about the futures of these vital programs will be made over the months ahead. Once again, we must make a business case for retaining DOE programs that enable architects to design high performing buildings. 

    AIA COTE Advocacy has developed a sign-on letter for design firms to show their support for DOE programs. Please use this note to promote firm signatures as well as sign on for yourself.  Click here to add your firm to this letter today!

    AIA COTE Advocacy is also putting on a webinar on May 9 at 2PM EST with the AIA Federal Relations leaders. We will share the longer-term advocacy strategy so we can all better understand the game plan in preserving vital programs in the Federal budgetIf you're wondering how what we're doing is making a difference, don't miss this webinar.  Sign up for the webinar here and please pass on to others. 


    Mary Ann 

    Mary Ann Lazarus FAIA
    2017 COTE Advisory Group Chair
    Principal MALeco, LLC
    Saint Louis MO