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The goal of the Building Performance Knowledge Community (BPKC) is to promote architects as leaders in the application of technical design for building performance; in the use of high-performance design criteria, codes, and standards; and in programming, designing and managing building performance. To advance, disseminate, and advocate—to the architecture profession, AIA members, building owners, the construction industry, the academy, and the public—design practices that create buildings that are healthy, energy efficient, and durable.

Join the AIA Blue Ribbon Panel for a webinar on their recent report

  • 1.  Join the AIA Blue Ribbon Panel for a webinar on their recent report

    Posted 09-10-2019 16:45
    This webinar will bring together the broader AIA membership with the AIA members & staff that helped craft the AIA Blue Ribbon Panel report "Disruption, Evolution, and Change: AIA's Vision of the Future of Design and Construction." We encourage the audience to read the report beforehand at

    The presenters will outline the report's vision, milestones to pursue over the next 30 years, and recommendations for partner collaboration. AIA Board member Tim Hawk, FAIA will challenge AIA members (particularly component leaders) to lead the promotion of these recommendations through their state/local components. A Q&A session will follow.

    AIA Blue Ribbon Panel on Codes Plan – "Disruption, Evolution, and Change" – Webinar #1
    1.5 AIA LUs/HSW | September 18 | 2pm ET

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    In June 2018, then-AIA President Carl Elefante, FAIA commissioned the AIA Blue Ribbon Panel (BRP) on Codes & Standards to compose a report to address policy changes needed to better align with AIA's 2030 Commitment to sustainable design. This report would outline many objectives for architects to embrace to help transform the practice of architecture in a way that is holistic, firm-wide, data-driven, and sustainable.

    After a year of discussion, debate, review, editing, and feedback, the BRP published the aspirational report "Disruption, Evolution, and Change: AIA's Vision of the Future of Design and Construction" (

    The report offers a plan for how the AIA can best position itself and its members for the future of use and application of codes and standards. This report reflects not only the BRP's thoughts but includes active input from AIA legal and contract documents experts, knowledge leaders, and government affairs experts. The initiatives outlined are many & the effort will be far-reaching by recommending that AIA membership engage AIA's strategic partners & other related industry groups to embrace these recommended changes.

    A 2nd session will be held Nov. 6 (2:00pm ET):

    Paul Karrer
    Manager, Building Codes Policy
    AIA Government Advocacy
    Washington DC