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The goal of the Building Performance Knowledge Community (BPKC) is to promote architects as leaders in the application of technical design for building performance; in the use of high-performance design criteria, codes, and standards; and in programming, designing and managing building performance. To advance, disseminate, and advocate—to the architecture profession, AIA members, building owners, the construction industry, the academy, and the public—design practices that create buildings that are healthy, energy efficient, and durable.

  • 1.  Urgent 2030 letter- DUE 4/29

    Posted 04-24-2015 16:15
    This message has been cross posted to the following Discussion Forums: Technical Design for Building Performance Knowledge Community and Committee on the Environment .
    Many thanks to those of you who signed on to our September 2013 letter from firms urging the Senate to retain the 2030 fossil fuel reduction targets for federal buildings. With your help, we succeeded in holding the line, and the federal 2030 targets are still in place. Now, the fight is heating back up as the Senate will soon hold hearings on energy legislation which would again seek to do away with 2030 targets. Will you sign on to our updated letter, which will again show our senators the importance of federal 2030 targets to the design industry? 
    The text of the letter is here. We will be collecting signatories on the firm level, so please be sure that you are authorized to sign on behalf of your firm.

    Time is of the essence - the deadline to sign onto this letter is next Wednesday, April 29. Show your firm's support for the 2030 targets- sign the letter today.
    SIGN NOW - please do not sign the actual letter, fill out this survey to indicate your Firm's signature.
    You can direct questions to:

    Christina Finkenhofer
    Director, Federal Relations
    The American Institute of Architects

    1735 New York Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20006-5292
    Telephone: 202-626-7484
    Fax: 202-626-7583

    Thanks for your help everyone!! Please pass it along!

    Melissa Morancy Assoc. AIA
    Senior Manager, Knowledge Communities
    The American Institute of Architects
    Washington DC