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Non profits - not elected, not accountable- but ready to save the world?

  • 1.  Non profits - not elected, not accountable- but ready to save the world?

    Posted 04-30-2018 14:36


    When the Yale University's U.S. Health Justice Collaborative recently organized an event under the title "Paved With Good Intentions: White Saviorism and the Nonprofit Industrial Complex" they hit a nerve. The event space wasn't large enough to hold the nearly 1,300 people that had declared interest and had to watch a live-stream of the event.

    Yale event

    In September of 2017 the Haitian government announced that it had banned the operations of 257 non-governmental organizations (NGOs) in Haiti because they were disconnected from the priorities and needs of the Haitian people, according to the announcement.

    The Minister of Planning and External Cooperation (MPCE), Aviol Fleurant, [said] that it was necessary to get Haiti out of the conceptual state of welfare, to move it into real development, [he]said that the 257 organizations had violated a September 14, 1989 decree regarding their functioning.

    Mr. Fleurant said that these institutions must finance what the Haitian people need and not what they, themselves, consider necessary. "And the interventions must be carried out, in front, by the leadership of the government," said the minister. (Source)

    In just a few decades non-profits and NGOs seem to have fallen from savior (Greenpeace) to pariah status for not being accountable and rejected for their very notion...

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