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The revival of a 3,200 acre steel brownfield

  • 1.  The revival of a 3,200 acre steel brownfield

    Posted 08-27-2018 08:32


    Sparrows Point tells the story of America, the story of an industrial nation in the midst of finding a place in a post industrial world. Once home to a steel mill hissing and clanking 24 hours a day and employing 30,000 workers who lived in the surrounding communities or streamed in on streetcars, the 3,200 acre peninsula as big as the entire land area of Baltimore-Washington International Airport (BWI) the last 2,000 workers had left what had been left of the plant in 2012 when yet another attempt of giving steel a renaissance in the US had failed and RG Steel went bankrupt.
    No traces of the past: Bethlehem steel facility before demolition 
    (SUN photo)

    When only six years later Aaron Tomarchio, Senior executive in administration, government relations, communications and public affairs of a company called Tradepoint Atlantic, steers his company SUV to the gate which secures the southern end of one of the country's largest brown-fields, not only have almost all traces of the steel heritage have been demolished, imploded, leveled or turned into scrap but a new form of economy has begun to shape the peninsula in a very different way.
    A low slung new profile at Tradepoint Atlantic: Approach road with shoulder,
    walk and bikeway, trees

    Tradepoint Atlantic is a small organization of only 75 people. Tomarchio reports to Hilco Global and Redwood Capital, the two investment firms which bought the old Bethlehem Steel plant after some other property transfer in 2013 from Environmental Liability Transfer 2014 for a mere $100 million. In spite of the large amounts of foreign capital sloshing around the globe funding many large investments in the US,  Tomarchio assures here it's all local! The main investor actually... READ FULL ARTICLE

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