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Separate and unequal, one city - two narratives

  • 1.  Separate and unequal, one city - two narratives

    Posted 06-11-2018 11:35


    "Our Nation Is Moving Toward Two Societies, One Black, One White-Separate and Unequal" (Kerner Report 1968)

    In April 1968, one month after the release of the Kerner report, rioting broke out in more than 100 cities following the assassination of civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.
    Sometimes the personal story told from another perspective has the power to cut through the clutter by striking at heart and mind at the same time. This happened to many when Dr Sharon Sutton, FAIA addressed a packed house in the plenary keynote of the national Association for Community Design (ACD) at its annual conference which was organized this year  by the Baltimore Neighborhood Design Center on occasion of its 50th anniversary under the title Reverberations.
    Destiny Watford explaining Curtis Bay 

    Sutton (77) went over the familiar territory of the civil rights movement, the 1968 racial uprisings, Whitney Young's speech in front of the 1968 AIA convention in which he famously spoke about the "thunderous silence" of the design profession in the civil rights struggle but she did it from her own life's story as only the 12th African American woman to be licensed in Architecture and the first to be promoted to be a full professor...

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