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Co-Living - Fad or Future?

  • 1.  Co-Living - Fad or Future?

    Posted 09-25-2019 16:22


    The apartment building has a stylish design, a fancy lobby, generous common areas and absolutely no parking. Instead there is an indoor bike parking garage with free rugged bikes. The developer speaks of 28 units and 94 beds, as if talking about a hotel. A quick look inside one of the apartments explains the puzzle: There are up to three bedrooms behind one entry door, each with its own bathroom. All share a kitchen and living area.  We are talking about co-living. The food-hall of housing, or the co-working space for living; not the type of co-living where a Millennial lives in the basement of his parents, the one that one doesn't want to mention, but the new urban trend of cool co-living.
    Wheelhouse Baltimore: Attractive building in an attractive location.
    Co-living can be invisible (Photo: Philipsen)

    This new urban trend has several upsides for a city: Density in areas of good transit, more people in the streets and yes, fewer cars are all things, especially shrinking cities can well use.  It promises savings to residents and extra profit to developers. Can it do all that? For an investigation into this question its necessary to look at current conditions of cities,
    housing and demographics.

    Co-living emerges at the intersection of a number of trends:
    • Economics: Young people today enter a very uncertain job-market and are he......READ ALL

    [Klaus] Philipsen FAIA
    Archplan Inc. Philipsen Architects
    Baltimore MD

  • 2.  RE: Co-Living - Fad or Future?

    Posted 09-26-2019 17:44
    Another ugly design starved box.

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  • 3.  RE: Co-Living - Fad or Future?

    Posted 09-28-2019 19:28

    Co-Living, A Natural Trend

    This conversation is extremely important for designers of housing. Co-living offers a financial advantage to emerging blue and white collar talent choosing to live in urban settings where jobs flourish. For instance, college campuses around the nation have embraced understanding what attracts students to their university. Co-living with like-minded contemporaries, while maintaining privacy, is attractive for years after graduation.

    Thriving economies such as the San Francisco Bay Area and many others have long been encumbered with how to make housing affordable and attractive in metropolitan tight markets. There is no right or wrong way, just the need to make the model flexible as cultural and habitation influences evolve.

    Having designed and built dozens of developer driven housing projects, along with many university living-learning centers, the concept of co-living as a viable future trend makes for a good common sense approach. If done well, densifying through rehabilitation or new construction allows for social, political and economic advantages for all millennials at the beginning of their journey, right?

    Great subject article in the with the back-up metrics.

    Very nicely written informational op-ed tied to all the following:

    The Guardian: Co-living': the end of urban loneliness – or cynical corporate dormitories?

    Forbes: Is Co-Living The New Co-Working?

    J-Stor Daily: Co-Living, the Hot New Trend of 1898 ("Eleanor Clubs")

    I now have another good resource. Thank you Klaus for sharing this one.

    Nathan Ogle, AIA LEED AP
    Founder & Owner
    12CHC Consulting


  • 4.  RE: Co-Living - Fad or Future?

    Posted 09-30-2019 17:24
    I completely agree - co-working and co-living are the future for those who are pressed for money.
    My son, who's a photographer in NYC, co-lives with 2-4 other folks.
    Despite WeWorks botched IPO, there will be co-working spaces aplenty.
    Doug Kelbaugh 

  • 5.  RE: Co-Living - Fad or Future?

    Posted 09-30-2019 17:28
    So interesting. What is old is new again. I'm an aging boomer and lived in this type of housing for about 8 years while a student in Boston (Brookline) in the 70's. It was a terrific experience. I lived in three different houses all with at least 6 bedrooms (or created bedrooms from a parlor or basement) and in two of them we shared meals. Not so bad when there are 9 of you, only needed to cook and clean once every week or two. Helped that we shopped at a food coop and well we were vegetarians back then. Yes the age of Aquarius. I've dedicated the last 25 years of my career to Affordable Housing in many forms. I'd love to have the opportunity to do this type of housing again. Honestly I'd love to see some mini mansions repurposed for this kind of use, adaptive reuse.

    [Katherine] [Austin] [AIA]
    [Katherine Austin, AIA, Architect]
    Bend OR