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The Regional and Urban Design Committee (RUDC) aims to improve the quality of the regional and urban environment by promoting excellence in design, planning, and public policy in the built environment. This will be achieved through its member and public education, in concert with allied community and professional groups. Join us!

Know of an "Impossible Project" that became real?

  • 1.  Know of an "Impossible Project" that became real?

    Posted 10-03-2018 18:20
    In 1929 architect Robert Hugman had a bold idea: turn a smelly stagnant slough into something more.  When he moved his office to the water's edge, the local paper said he would 'drown like a rat in a hole'.  Today the San Antonio Riverwalk is an economic engine providing beauty and economic prosperity.  Do you know of an 'impossible project' that became a city shaping reality - with a potential story to share at A19 Las Vegas?  Drop me an email or post with any suggestions!  Thanks

    Michael Malinowski FAIA
    Sacramento CA