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Can there be sustainability in an economy depending on growth?

  • 1.  Can there be sustainability in an economy depending on growth?

    Posted 01-16-2019 13:38

    Growth, Capitalism and the GDP

    Even in a state of high alert about climate change, sustainability and resilience study after study about longterm perspectives for the global economy revolves around growth, whether the study is produced by the World Monetary Fund (IMF), OECD or the UN. Voices that describe a future without growth are like voices in a desert, rare and barely heard. This is surprising, since already more than 170 years ago, the philosopher-economist Karl Marx concluded in his "Grundrisse" (notes) which led to the book "the Capital" a "Critique of Political Economy" that ongoing growth was impossible and that an economy based on growth would inevitably crash in regular intervals "cyclical crisis"). This in turn would destruct a lot of the accumulated "overproduction" (Mar) and thus create new demand. The  cyclical economic event could be a mere recession or a much more disruptive event such as a war where values are destroyed or war where destruction is purpose. History after Marx seemed to prove him right in some respects and wrong in others.
    Much can be added into the GDP

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