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The AIA Technology in Architectural Practice Knowledge Community (TAP) serves as a resource for AIA members, the profession, and the public in the deployment of computer technology in the practice of architecture. TAP leaders monitor the development of computer technology and its impact on architecture practice and the entire building life cycle, including design, construction, facility management, and retirement or reuse.

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tech for AEC

  • 1.  tech for AEC

    Posted 09-06-2016 18:48
    What type of new technology as an AEC tool do you want to learn about? We are putting together a list of categories and I want to be sure I'm not missing anything that's of interest. We're thinking of things like VR/AR, smart home/remote management & monitoring, robotics/manufacturing, measuring/surveying, performance materials and the like. You can be specific. I appreciate your input.?? - Susan
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  • 2.  RE: tech for AEC

    Posted 09-07-2016 18:01


    How about 3D printers and how architects might use them in their everyday practice.

    Michael Cullen AIA
    Michael B. Cullen AIA
    Elmhurst IL

  • 3.  RE: tech for AEC

    Posted 09-08-2016 17:26

    I would like to know more about problems and issues related to integration of data in a BIM model into a CMMS in a software neutral environment or platform. Maybe discuss research being performed by vendors and universities.   


    David Trevino, FAIA, LEED AP

    Sr. Program Manager

    City of Dallas  - Equipment & Building Services            

    3202 Canton Street | Dallas, TX 75226

    Office: 214.670.3045

    Divergent Thinking -"An Essential Capacity for Creativity;

    Change Your Paradigm" - Sir Ken Robinson



  • 4.  RE: tech for AEC

    Posted 09-07-2016 19:07
    Hi Susan:
    We are working on parametric cost analysis, or cost analysis on the fly, using Revit and Access. One of our biggest challenges is cost guidance for clients. Revit is not very good at stand-alone cost analysis, and we have not found an out of the box third party solution that works.

    Mike Sealander, AIA
    Maine Licensed Architect
    cell 207.266.5822

  • 5.  RE: tech for AEC

    Posted 09-25-2017 21:09
    You may like to look at PlusSpec for SketchUp and then export the IFC to Revit. PlusSpec is made specifically for cost estimation yet it creates the parametric Sketchup geometry, groups it, layers it and assigns the IFC category ready for export to Revit Archicad, Bentley or simply 2DAC.  If cost control, builder communication and client communication is what you are looking for then this is by far the most comprehensive tool.

    Andrew Dwight
    Designer/BIM manager AAD Build
    BDM RubySketch
    Sydney Australia

  • 6.  RE: tech for AEC

    Posted 09-07-2016 23:33

    I'd like to know more about virtual design and construction technology in relation to BIM.
    Associating the VDC to robotics for construction prefabrication would be great as an addition. 

  • 7.  RE: tech for AEC

    Posted 09-08-2016 09:09

    I lead our firm's Tech Studio and have been to several Facades+ conferences so here are my 2 cents.

    The main thing I like about the Facades+ conference is what I learn about that are things I don't know about. What I mean are totally new concepts / ideas / tools. Not just exploring ideas that are already covered by the market / articles. 

    From the most recent conference, the thing that was the most exciting / interesting were the tools that are being developed to link data between software / tools. Examples would be the Thornton Tomasetti Exchange (the TTX) and Flux (FLUX - Sustainable Architecture @Scale). Another example that is slightly different is this paper by Elliot Glassman that talks about using various tools to optimize shading.

    Things that other people are interested in our firms Tech Studio are things like:

    • Drones, and their uses for marketing photography/video and surveying (our firm is multi-disciplinary so we do things like bridge inspections).
    •  Real-time visualizations. There are TONS of tools out there that do this and new ones come out every were are navigating what works best for us.
    • Capturing / gathering data on a firm-wide scale. Whether from timesheets, or Revit or whatever to try to gain insights. Whether that is how sustainable we are or just other interesting things we might be able to glean from that info.

    Hope this helps.

    Ryan Johnson AIA
    Clark Nexsen, Inc.
    Raleigh NC

  • 8.  RE: tech for AEC

    Posted 09-27-2016 09:54

    I know of a firm in Trenton who are using drones to video document historic buildings that are undergoing rehabilitation and restoration. Historic Architects LLC. They also demonstrated some very innovative cutting edge techniques to analyze potential points of building failure on historic structures.

    Andrew Thompson AIA
    County Architect
    Passaic County
    Paterson NJ