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Custom Built Models for Analysis and Presentations in Architecture

  • 1.  Custom Built Models for Analysis and Presentations in Architecture

    Posted 10-25-2019 09:33 AM
    In today's world of 3D digital modeling and advanced digital architecture, it's amazing that Custom Desktop Models for corporate branding and Large Custom Models continue to an embedded part of Design companies and organizations that build and fabricate. Physically building a custom model provide the designer and participant multiple perspectives that are easily controlled and manipulated by every onlooker no matter what skill, age or background.

    Technology is Fantastic and everybody loves the latest realism gadgets in Architecture.  Technology enables people to see, feel and experience in another dimension.  Unfortunately, technology is till a hindrance for many and limits a lot of people from all walks of life.  Custom Scale models have not changed in the past 5 decades. The reason people can immediately connect with a model is that they can adjust their position, angle, and zoom in seconds without technology getting in the way.  Sometimes the simple command to pan or zoom can be very daunting for an average spectator.

    The magic a Custom Model provides to a typical observer is always a home run because of its basically a no brainer.  Will there ever be a time when 3D models can be operated with little to no experience?  I live in Tokyo, Japan and experienced Digital Art at the Mori Tower in Tokyo. The video experienced can be partially experienced here >>>  This is a MUST see if you are ever in Tokyo Japan.

    Has anybody experienced such an immersive, interactive phenomenon that has does not have the limitations of traditional 3D Modeling and rendering?  Your thoughts and opinions.

    Herman Bongco Assoc. AIA
    Modelworks Direct