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Creating an Aviation theme through the use of Airplane Models

  • 1.  Creating an Aviation theme through the use of Airplane Models

    Posted 11-11-2018 01:52

    Using Airplane Models as Part of Your Room's Interior Design

    QAu9lIrlSMiE8nVsz7zc_Houzz Aviation.jpg

    PHOTO | Houzz    Willy kids bedroom by AltaModa is devoted to the history of aviation

    Deciding on an interior design, especially for a personal bedroom, can be a daunting task.

    You need to get a lot of inspiration (as in a lot), and really evaluate different design styles and identify which one draws you in. It's like being an artist, and finding a muse that will inspire you to complete your work. But in this case, that style will really make you feel happy that you live in a space, designed that way.  If you already have a clue as to what your personal aesthetic should be, then it's good. But it won't hurt to look at other options.

    Let's use an aviation enthusiast's preferred style, for example.

    That individual would certainly be drawn to the skies, airplane wings, airplane models, pilots, aviation symbols, etc., and would most likely, if given the chance to have his or her room decorated, to incorporate that love for aviation into the room's interior design. The aviation enthusiast looks at the airplane as the muse, and that would really allow him or her to go all out, and display it in the room.

    Now that you've identified the inspiration you want for your room (it may be anything - a favorite movie, a contemporary style, a modern and futuristic style, etc.), you may now decide on the color scheme. Going back to an aviation enthusiast's room, the scheme revolves mainly around the blues, blacks, and whites, to really give off the "being in the skies" type of feeling. Of course, it's not always those colors.

    If you are more hands-on with the interior design of the room, then you also have the liberty to choose if you want to add other complementing colors, or even weird colors, just because! But it's just safe to say that if you want your room to look more clean, organized, and more in theme, then it should follow a certain set of colors. You can look up brilliant color combinations so you have an idea (especially if you don't really know which would look best together) on how you want your room to look like!

    The final touch

    Once you've decided on a color scheme, and the over-all style of the room, it won't be complete until you give it the "final touch." What is the final touch?

    This is something that best identifies the room's theme. These may be accessories, props, additional fixtures, or any other item that solidifies whatever theme you have. Those with a "2060 Future-themed" room may have something, like a super unique and a hi-tech chair, or a full and spread prism mirror as the ceiling. Those with a "nautical-themed" room may have a boat as a bed, or some fisherman's ropes hanging from the curtains. For an "aviation-themed" room, the room may have airplane models as chandeliers, or a pilot's uniform as the dresser design.

    The final touch doesn't have to be grand, expensive, or lavish. It just needs to say "this room has this particular theme."

    Aviation-themed room design

    For an aviation enthusiast, it is probably a no-brainer to add airplane models as part of the room's interior design. Why? Well, having the color scheme of blue-black-and-white may not be as telling, that it is an aviation theme. Sometimes, people could mistake it for an ocean theme, or maybe even a vague sky theme, but not aviation.

    Some aviation enthusiasts, custom-paint their walls to look like the windows of an airplane, but that's just too costly. Some even go as far as completely decorating the room with aviation items - with an aircraft engine as a side table, cockpit as a study desk, rug as the runway, and the bed as a premium cabin. But not all has the budget to work on that crazy interior, and sometimes, some people just prefer a minimalist feel, even when they're following a theme.

    To complete the aviation-themed room design, it's best to incorporate an item that best represents the said theme. And in this case, it's airplane models! You may opt to have a favorite model custom-built by craftsmen, or buy a mass-produced model in a store near you. Just be creative with how you place it into your room.

    There are ideas such as hanging the model aircraft and mounting it on the ceiling, directly under the bed. If you have a number of airplane models you want to use in the room, you may fix and display it in a row, by putting it on top of a simple console table. That could be the mini "museum" inside your room. Or if you're not really keen on putting all your models in one place, you can just distribute it and scatter the models around the room. Place a model on your desk, place one on your side table, and place one on the shelf.

    You can just have fun with it.

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