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"As-builts", etc... Clarity of writing !!

  • 1.  "As-builts", etc... Clarity of writing !!

    Posted 05-22-2018 00:50
    Hi, Folks

    While I'm mercifully far-away from projects where "As-built" drawings are requested, I always enjoy seeing the thoughts shared, in so many areas of concern, in this forum.

    However ---
    This time, especially, the sloppy writing in 1/3-or-so of the posts really bothered me.  Why would you present yourselves thusly, with no proofreading of what you post?  If your work product is done similarly, then yes, I'd think that there could be issues, sooner-or-later, with lawyers or others going-through that content.

    Please, pay attention to what you write!

    william j. devlin aia, inc.,
    Springfield, MA
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