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Architecture Proposal Strategy Boosts Revenue 300%

  • 1.  Architecture Proposal Strategy Boosts Revenue 300%

    Posted 03-03-2017 11:15
    I thought I'd share this proposal strategy that I've been writing about a lot over the past few years - it's really starting to catch on and the firms using it are having great success.

    Recently, in the Architecture Firm Freedom Formula program I run with Scott Beebe, one of the member firms shared how using this strategy yielded a 300% increase in project revenue.

    The fee for the project went from $40k to $120k - at the client's request.

    That's an increase of $80k in the project fee for this small firm.

    This means less time hunting for the next project.

    Here's how it worked:

    Instead of offering only one service option, they offered 3 service levels.

    The lowest service level offered 'builder set' plans and details.

    Level 2 offered fully specified drawings and details.

    The premium level included level 2 plus full contract administration through the construction phase.

    The clients opted for the premium service level.

    I write about this strategy a lot because it just works.

    Offering multiple service levels is one of the easiest 'profit levers' you can use to increase your firm's revenue (and give your clients more options and better service).

    I go over more of the details and psychology behind this strategy in this article here (

    Let me know … have you used this strategy successfully? Or what questions do you have about using this strategy?

    Enoch Sears AIA
    Visalia CA