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  • 1.  ZNE research - short survey

    Posted 08-09-2017 14:24

    I am working on a research project for the California Energy Commission (CEC). As may of you probably know, the State of California has "big, bold" energy goals for the design and construction industry: all new residential construction should be zero net energy (ZNE) by 2020 and all new nonresidential construction should be ZNE by 2030.

    The CEC has asked us to find out what technologies and strategies stakeholders believe would facilitate adoption of ZNE. We are conducting a short survey (10-15 minutes) to help answer this question -- 

    What technologies and strategies will help increase ZNE adoption? 

    We hope to reach a wide array of ZNE stakeholders, both inside and outside California, so please also share this with others who may be interested. You may learn more about our project at

    Thanks very much!
    on behalf of our team: Itron, NBI, EPRI, Davis Energy Group, Integral Group

    Ann Edminster
    Design AVEnues LLC
    Pacifica CA
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