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The AIA Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community (HCD) tracks housing issues and develops relationships with industry stakeholders to encourage and promote safe, attractive, accessible, and affordable housing for all Americans.

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AIA and National Green Building Standards (NGBS)

  • 1.  AIA and National Green Building Standards (NGBS)

    Posted 01-18-2017 17:51


    Below is a message to me from my colleague John Peavey in AIA Codes and Standards Policy (Government Advocacy Team) requesting Housing members to volunteer for the NGBS Consensus Committee and task groups.  After reading his message if you are interested in participating please see the attached volunteer PDF which contains more information regarding expectations and time commitment.  Also, please contact John Peavey directly at johnpeavey@aia.org and 202.626.7354 Please respond to John by Monday, January 23.



    I met with Michelle Foster, the VP of Innovation Services at the Home Innovations Lab; she encouraged AIA members to participate in the next development cycle of the National Green Building Standard (2018 NGBS).  Evidently, approximately 45,000 multi-family units have been built in the last 2-years using the NGBS. 

    During the last development cycle for 2015 NGBS, the AIA representation came from our codes and standards committee (i.e., Dave Collins, FAIA; Rachel Minnery, FAIA; and Ryan Taylor, AIA).  If possible, we may want to broaden the AIA representation for the next cycle.  

    Starting on 1/5/2017, AIA members can apply to be on the Consensus Committee (which votes on proposed changes to the standard) and/or Task Groups (which apply their expertise to review propose changes).  We should consider having AIA members represented in each Task Group area (if we can recruit them) and on the Consensus Committee.  Based on my discussion with Michelle, most of the increased use in the NGBS was being driven by users of the IgCC that selected the NGBS compliance path for multi-family buildings.  Please note that Home Innovations Lab has seen a spike in projects using Low Income Tax Credit program. They expect to review proposed changes to the task group area of multi-family and increasing options for the performance path.

    The Task Group Areas from the last cycle include:

    (1)    Administration

    (2)    Site & Lot Development

    (3)    Resource Efficiency and Indoor Environmental Quality

    (4)    Water Efficiency

    (5)    Energy Efficiency

    (6)    Multifamily

    (7)    Remodeling


    Susan Parrish Director, AIA Knowledge Communities The American Institute of Architects Washington DC
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  • 2.  RE: AIA and National Green Building Standards (NGBS)

    Posted 01-19-2017 18:41
    See NGBS volunteer request form at this link.


    Susan Parrish
    Director, Knowledge Communities
    The American Institute of Architects
    Washington DC

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