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The AIA Housing and Community Development Knowledge Community (HCD) tracks housing issues and develops relationships with industry stakeholders to encourage and promote safe, attractive, accessible, and affordable housing for all Americans.

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2017 CRAN Symposium

  • 1.  2017 CRAN Symposium

    Posted 07-17-2017 19:56
    Registration for the 10th Annual CRAN Symposium is now open. Join us this year in Miami, Florida for another event filled with great speakers, houses, sponsors, and fellow residential architects. Every year we hit our max registration earlier than the previous year, so do not delay in signing up.


    Jared Banks AIA
    Shoegnome, LLC
    Seattle, WA

    If you're not following CRAN on Twitter ( https://twitter.com/AIA_CRAN ) or Facebook ( https://www.facebook.com/AIACRAN/ ), you should. We post lots of news and interesting stuff pretty much daily.
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  • 2.  RE: 2017 CRAN Symposium

    Posted 07-19-2017 13:07
    Another reason to register early - Limited Hotel accommodations.  As of this morning, there were only 5 rooms remaining!!!

    Hope to see you all in Miami!

    Kevin Harris FAIA
    Kevin Harris Architect, LLC
    Baton Rouge LA

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  • 3.  RE: 2017 CRAN Symposium

    Posted 10-19-2017 17:33
    All -

    At the last Housing KC we discussed possible ways to support the communities impacted by the recent storm events.

    My suggestion is that we provide $10,000 to fund students of accredited architecture schools  to work in the impacted communities during their January term break. 

    I suggest that we release a call for proposals to our members and suggest that they share it. It might include the following (ideas welcome):

    We would require applicants to:
    • Be current students at an accredited school of architecture in the US 
    • Develop the proposal in conjunction with one of the following:
      • An AIA Housing and CD member
      • A school of architecture
      • A not for profit community design or community development corporation
      • An AIA component
    • The application would require:
      • A work plan
      • A budget
      • Collaborator's support letter
    • Preference would be provided to:
      • Project with matching funds and resources
      • Proposals that engage in an ongoing local effort
      • Residents of the impacted communities
    • I suggest we work to release the RFP by November 7, take proposals through the 19th and make announcements on the 22nd. This is an ambitious schedule but this is an emergency.

    Let me know questions and thoughts.

    Also wanted to let you know that the Open Architecture Network will discuss with us co-sponsor upcoming training program. The proposal is attached. Sponsorship might include working with them on content and design to attain CEUs.

    Best, Kathy


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