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Existing SUO Restrooms Public Safety

  • 1.  Existing SUO Restrooms Public Safety

    Posted 08-15-2019 13:30

    Reaching out for potential solution strategies to a public safety concern our community is experiencing regarding single use occupancy restrooms.  The issue involves homeless citizens taking up temporary residence inside these SUO restrooms for long periods of time.  Nefarious uncontrolled conduct is occurring within the confines of space creating fear and panic in many of the park goers who are there to enjoy the amenities of the park.

    We are looking at retrofitting these restrooms by moving the sinks outside, replacing locked doors with shorter partition doors during the day and lockable roll down doors at night.  Requiring patrons to get a key from Park & Rec staff is obviously not realistic or practical.

    Any design solutions or first-hand experience of what one has done in their city or public facility to mitigate this problem would be welcomed.

    Thank you.


    Christina Sarkees AIA
    Sr. Project Management Supervisor
    City Of West Hollywood
    West Hollywood CA
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