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Architecture For Humanity National Closed

  • 1.  Architecture For Humanity National Closed

    Posted 01-16-2015 18:16
    There was sad news reported today in the SF Gate.
    Architecture for Humanity has closed its doors.
    It appears that this was a financial decision make by the Board of Directors and was out of the hands of the architectural staff.
    As one of the chairpersons of the Boston Chapter of Architecture for Humanity which operates under the wing of the Boston Society of Architects, I want to say that we will continue to provide all volunteer, pro bono services to underserved communities. I believe chapters in other cities and countries around the world also plan to do the same.

    Mike McHugh AIA, LEED AP
    Architecture for Humanity Boston 

    Michael McHugh AIA
    Davis Square Architects, Inc.
    Cambridge MA
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