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The AIA Project Delivery Knowledge Community (PD) promotes the architect’s leadership role in all project delivery methods by assembling and distributing knowledge and best practices for a variety of project delivery methods, e.g. design-build (DB), integrated project deliveries (IPD), and public-private partnerships (P3).

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RFP for CM-R Templete

  • 1.  RFP for CM-R Templete

    Posted 10-05-2016 16:39

    I have a project where the client wants to go with Construction Manager at Risk for the delivery method. They are requesting that I put together a Request for Proposal for them. Since I have never done this before I am kind of at a loss for where to begin. It doesn't look like AIA has any RFP templates so I am asking the community, where should I start with putting together a RFP for CM-R? Are there resources or templates (free or paid) that I can gain access to that would help me in creating an RFP?

    Thanks in advance!

    Darin Blair AIA
    Solid Orange Architecture
    Omaha NE
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  • 2.  RE: RFP for CM-R Templete

    Posted 10-06-2016 17:53

    1. Our state uses a very close approximation of this process. See the example of a recent RFP and associated documents at: DFCM

    The reason I say close approximation is that the state rarely holds the contractor to the risk the contractor has assumed by contract.

    The state's RFP and general conditions could/should be strengthened to require the contractor actually to take the risk he has signed up for; I believe the AIA contract noted below does a better job of that.

    2. I suggest you use AIA Contract Document A133–2009 as the contract referenced by your RFP and upon which its legal structure is built.

    James Nielson FAIA
    Chief Operating Officer
    Axis Architects
    Bountiful UT

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  • 3.  RE: RFP for CM-R Templete

    Posted 10-06-2016 18:20

    Google "RFP CM at Risk" -  you'll find lots of examples

    William Dikis FAIA
    Architectural Strategies LLC
    Clive IA

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  • 4.  RE: RFP for CM-R Templete

    Posted 10-07-2016 09:16

    Thanks James & William. 

    I guess my concern was not so much finding examples but having a base document to start from. In other words, if I were to use someone else's RFP I am concerned with issues of copyright if I just start to edit it or cut and past portions I want to use. Producing a whole RFP from scratch would require a lot of time and research. That is why I was wondering if there is some place I can go to get a template that would free me of copyright concerns and help shorten the time to actually produce this document.  

    James, would I have permission to use your example either in its entirety or in part, free of copyright infringement?

    Thanks again to you and everyone else who responded!

    Darin Blair AIA
    Solid Orange Architecture
    Omaha NE

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  • 5.  RE: RFP for CM-R Templete

    Posted 10-07-2016 13:03
      |   view attached

    Attached is an RFP that we have used.  I like the format.



    James D. Coles, AIA, REFP

    P: 208.888.1768  |  M: 208.880.4041






    Nyssa_GCCM_RFP.DOCX   67K 1 version
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  • 6.  RE: RFP for CM-R Templete

    Posted 10-07-2016 13:43

    When I do a simple Google search for "RFP CMAR" I get several examples from all over the country. State laws will dictate specifics of CMAR procurement, so a legal review by your client is important prior to issuance. From an architect's perspective, CMAR is very similar to Design-Bid-Build where the architect owns the design risks and a GC is performing the field work. The CA scope is essentially identical. There is usually a Value Analysis scope in which the architect must participate after the initial cost model is completed by the CMAR firm. Make sure to allow enough hours for that portion of the scope. 

    Gordon Rogers AIA
    EAS Department Executive
    Kitchell CEM, Inc.
    Phoenix AZ

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