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    Posted 05-02-2018 11:12
    Comments to concur with Mr. Littman's sage advice.....4/27/18.

    Ostensibly the comments resemble a Risk Analysis , together with a SWOT*
    exercise, and a check all the boxes before committing . In this case,
    particular risk if this is a current understood?
    Perhaps consider that the situation is in fact responding to an RFP/RFQ
    to the Client.
          Does the firm's Project experience meet the requirements set forth
    in a RFQ? Type, scale,time frame,etc?
          It's not about the potential of a ramp's a matter
    of you have the experience and the expertise to provide the
    required services?
          Are you offering an appropriate experienced Proj. Mgr. to Own the
    project in behalf of management.... and complete timely etc.
          Does the project makes sense to you?

    Perhaps to maintain the Client's confidence in the Firm....consider an
    Association or an Alliance with another Firm ....your Firm in the
    lead.... and don't fly solo! Use as available support services.

    Strengths-Internal Origin( attributes of the organization)   Helpful (
    to achieving the objective)
    Weaknesses-Internal Origin ..........Harmful (to achieving the
    Opportunities- External Origin (attributes of the environment) Helpful
    (to achieving the objective)
    Threats -External Origin..........Harmful (to achieving the objective)

    I have always maintained that Architect's should:
    Choose Clients and projects wisely.
    Know when to walk away!
    Promise only what you can deliver!
    Get Paid !

    Lastly.....if we are ALL clamoring to be held on the same esteem as
    Doctors and Lawyers.....stop referring to ourselves as an

    Hope it helps.
    Charles P. Lazarou AIA
    Moriches NY
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    Posted 05-04-2018 01:02
    I just want to support Charles comments in support of Howard Littman's comments.  I especially appreciate and concur with the next to last paragraph's four 'must do' activities. i would only add two small 'piggybacks'.  One to under promise and over deliver, on what you tell the client you will do; and two, to get paid within 30 to 60 days max. from date of invpoice...or stop work until you get paid!
    As for putting our profession on the same level ad doctors and lawyers, it is my belief we can earn the public's respect if we function as business peoplewho work for the betterment of our built environment and the sustainability of our planet.  I also believe that design professionals are already on a higher level of esteem than other professions, in today's society.
    Thank you for your thoughts Charles..

    Steve L. Wintner, AIA Emeritus
    Management Consulting Services
    Georgetown TX 78633-5712

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    Posted 05-04-2018 17:19
    I agree with the suggestion by Mr. Lazarou to consider associating with another firm with the necessary expertise to support your firm's.  If this is of interest to you and you are not familiar with any firms with the experience you are looking for I suggest you contact the Society for Marketing Professional Services (SMPS) 703-549-6117 and they can put you in touch with their local chapter.

    Best of luck.

    Duncan M. Black AIA
    Amherst NY

    Call for nominations for the Best Practices committee. Apply by the deadline of January 31.