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The Practice Management Knowledge Community (PMKC) identifies and develops information on the business of architecture for use by the profession to maintain and improve the quality of the professional and business environment.  The PMKC initiates programs, provides content and serves as a resource to other knowledge communities, and acts as experts on AIA Institute programs and policies that pertain to a wide variety of business practices and trends.

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20/20 Positive Outcomes Remotely

  • 1.  20/20 Positive Outcomes Remotely

    Posted 05-04-2020 12:14 PM
    We predict a lasting increase in the number of architects - and clients - who integrate or increase remote working into their business practices. Have you observed any positive outcomes to remote working?
    How do you think your clients' decisions on remote working will affect your practice or your designs?

    Scott Knudson, AIA
    PMKC Leadership Group
    ICYMI: Shifting perceptions of workplace relationships | Watch the recorded webinar

  • 2.  RE: 20/20 Positive Outcomes Remotely

    Posted 05-09-2020 10:26 AM

    For nine years now, I have had no employees… After the Great Recession I formed Macrae ARCHitecture, where all collaborators are independent contractors who I have mentored to establish their own businesses…contracted in similar fashion to the Engineering consultants. We conduct virtual meetings online.  The Virtual Architectural Practice Model has been called "An Incubator of Solopreneurs".

    Teams are assembled on a project-by-project basis and each project team participant (project manager, interior designer, CADD technician, etc.) performs the task that they have declared they both, "Do Best & Enjoy the Best" and are not placed in positions to perform work for which they are not suited, just because they happen to be "on the payroll"...Our clients benefit by getting "Role-Fulfillment Experts" on their project teams

    The Virtual Architectural Practice Model is much more than "Working Remotely".  Millennial & Gen Z professionals enjoy a healthy work-life balance and Gender Equality and Pay Equity because my collaborator's individual fees are negotiated and contracted for on a project by project basis.  

    I'm offering the following in several seminar presentations that I have been asked to give by ZOOM in just the last 30 days to state AIA Chapters: "Your Practice is a Design Problem.  So please remember…out of Crisis comes Opportunity.  Study the projected social changes likely to result once the new normal arrives…then Create your Response…and JUMP !!!".

    In the probable, post COVID-19 recession...I now call the Virtual Architectural Practice Model, "Resiliency for Architecture Firms".

    Peter Macrae AIA
    Macrae Architecture LLC
    Worthington OH

    ICYMI: Shifting perceptions of workplace relationships | Watch the recorded webinar

  • 3.  RE: 20/20 Positive Outcomes Remotely

    Posted 05-11-2020 06:59 PM
    Although I run a traditional practice with 8 employees currently, this is an interesting model. I would like to know more about it at some point. Thanks for sharing your insights.

    Robert Lopez AIA
    Lopez Salas Architects, Inc
    San Antonio TX

    ICYMI: Shifting perceptions of workplace relationships | Watch the recorded webinar