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NACM Call for Papers, Developing User Friendly Courts

  • 1.  NACM Call for Papers, Developing User Friendly Courts

    Posted 09-29-2015 09:39
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    To those members of the Justice Community that are interested.  The National Association of Court Managers (NACM) is planning on publishing a series of articles in singular publication which will focus on the development of user friendly courts (see attached email).  They have reached out to the AIA to gauge our interest in supporting.  The AIA would focus on the qualitative aspects of the spaces that support the workings of the courts.  If anyone is interested in participating please let me know by emailing me at  .  There is a fairly short fuse on this, as they are looking to flush out topics and writers by mid November.

    Thank you in advance for your interest,

    Jim B.

    James Beight AIA
    Senior Principal
    Dewberry Architects, Inc.
    Fairfax VA