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The Academy of Architecture for Justice (AAJ) promotes and fosters the exchange of information and knowledge between members, professional organizations, and the public for high-quality planning, design, and delivery of justice architecture.

Include your project in the AAJ Sustainable Justice Guidelines

  • 1.  Include your project in the AAJ Sustainable Justice Guidelines

    Posted 02-13-2015 16:41

    Dear AAJ members,

    The AAJ Sustainable Justice committee is working hard to finish our Sustainable Justice Guidelines -- a compilation of 36 recommendations for the design of Courts, Law Enforcement, and Detentions/ Corrections projects. The Guidelines will be shared with AAJ's Justice Partner organizations, and include references that highlight relevant research and/or exemplary projects for each recommended design strategy -- which is where you and your projects come in.

    PLEASE SEND US LINKS TO PICTURES AND DESCRIPTIONS OF YOUR WORK that we can include if it fits any of the following criteria:

    1. Right-sizing a prison or jail. What are the best examples of projects where a needs assessment has allowed construction of fewer detention/correction beds? Or do you have a model state or local needs assessment or policy we can reference?

    2. Secure yet Welcoming interiors for a Detentions/Corrections project: Please share projects where security screening is appropriately planned but does not define the visitor entry experience.

    3. Family Friendly spaces in a Law Enforcement project: Please share projects with outdoor waiting areas with benches and shade, lobby spaces with multiple gathering places, and good access to comfort items such as restrooms and water fountains.

    4. Views in a Courts and Law Enforcement project: Please share projects that have earned LEED credit IEQc8.2 - Views.

    Again, please include links to more information about your project. If your projects have been included in the JFR publication or received an award from any AIA component please include that as well. Thank you for assisting the Sustainability Committee and for sharing your work with a broader audience!

    Raphael Sperry,
    AAJ Sustainability Committee