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Electronic Monitoring and Justice

  • 1.  Electronic Monitoring and Justice

    Posted 07-30-2014 13:29
    Hi AAJ folks,

    I thought you would find this piece of interest: a critique of electronic monitoring as a form of "techno-utopianism" that does not live up to its hype. Some good words of caution as technology continues to change the justice system. For instance: 

    ​"Over a decade ago, criminologist Tony Fabelo warned the audience at a meeting of the National Institute of Justice about what he called "techno-corrections." He maintained that techno-corrections had the potential to be useful, but added that "we must also anticipate the threats they pose to democracy . . . the infrastructure for increased intrusiveness by the state and its abusive control of both offenders and law-abiding citizens." His final point was that "We need to start debating the ethical and legal questions that have to be answered if we are to understand how to prevent the state from using the techno-correctional establishment in ways inconsistent with constitutional or ethical standards." Unfortunately, little of that debate has taken place. ..."

    Whole article:

    Raphael Sperry AIA
    San Francisco CA