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Filmmakers seeking case studies of new prisons

  • 1.  Filmmakers seeking case studies of new prisons

    Posted 04-14-2014 14:46
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    [I'm posting this on behalf of the filmmakers - RS]

    To the members of the AAJ,

    In February 2014, Danish documentary production companies Filmbureauet and Elk Film, started preparing a documentary, which is based on three new prisons around the world, and will describe prison architecture and -design.

    The communities housing the prisons will have different approaches to constructing these buildings.

    By observing the construction and communicating with the people involved, we will get a picture of the legal system and the culture behind it. 

    The first location is Nuuk, Greenland, where the island's first closed prison will be built during the years to come.

    We are writing you, since we at the moment searching for two other prisons, which are being designed or are under construction.

    The aim is a certain degree of diversity in terms of culture, religion, GDP, legal system, etc.  

    We appreciate any suggestions, may it be to actual locations, and/or any personal contacts in this regard.

    Small samples of our productions are shown on: and 

    Thank you very much or your time and consideration.



    Director Ole Stenum and Producer Sune Lolk



    Ole Stenum


    Sune Lolk


    Raphael Sperry AIA
    San Francisco CA