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The mission of the Historic Resources Committee (HRC) is to identify, understand, and preserve architectural heritage, both nationally and internationally. HRC is engaged in promoting the role of the historic architect within the profession through the development of information and knowledge among members, allied professional organizations, and the public.

Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program with NPS

  • 1.  Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program with NPS

    Posted 02-07-2019 14:23
    The National Park Service and private industry need workers with specialized skills to preserve and maintain the buildings and structures in our national parks and historic communities. To help meet this need, the NPS Traditional Trades Apprenticeship Program (TTAP) was created.

    TTAP provides hands-on, historic preservation trade skills training during an intensive six-month learning-while-working experience. TTAP allows the important work of preserving the cultural resources and crucial infrastructure of national park sites to be passed onto the next generation in a time when many employment fields are becoming obsolete through mechanization. Traditional trades in their modern form require much of the same materials, tools, ingenuity, skills, and hard work that have been required for generations and can never be replaced.

    Positions at Fort Pulaski, (near Savannah, GA) and Chickamauga Chattanooga National Battlefield are currently open to applicants. Find out more information and links to position advertisements.  More positions in other parts of the country will be opened later this year.

    Sarah Polzin
    Training Manager
    National Park Service Historic Preservation Training Center
    Frederick MD
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