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Topic: Why are people flocking to the seashores?

1.  Why are people flocking to the seashores?

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And on the third day He "took together in one place the waters that are under the sky and He named the dry land Earth and the waters Seas"  (Genesis as quoted by Pier Augusto Brecchio in Man and Water)
Frenando Saenz Pedrosa, painting 
Easy access to the beaches was such a high priority for then Governor William Donald Schaefer of Maryland that he made "Reach the Beach" a signature piece of his transportation agenda changing the landscape of the Eastern Shore with freeway style divided highways and bypasses around the historic towns. Access road 158 to North Carolina's Outer Banks turns into a parking lot every Saturday when the beach rentals lining up on the shoreline turn. Finding parking near the beaches of Coronado Island or La Jolla in the San Diego area is as impossible as finding a seat in New York's subway during rush-hour.

With the summer vacation season and the annual migration towards the ocean fronts in full swing the question arises: Why do people do this, flocking to beaches like Canada geese flying south when winter comes? When and where did the beach vacation begin and why? ......

Victorian beach goers

Beach going doesn't seem to have been a pastime in the Middle Ages even though reports from antiquity about ancient snorkelers shows that men has braved the ocean for a long time, even though initially not for leisure or re-charge but to earn a living. ....

The Smithsonian explains current day beach mania in a 2016 essay by Daniela Blei with Vocotorian England. The the whole thing started , she argues with health concerns. The idea of restorative power of the salty sea ....

.....Beach as a counterpoint to the work-week was also a product of mass transportation: The mention of the English train lines evokes....

There is also a philosophical side to the beach as an uncertain demarcation between land and sea that goes as far back as.....


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