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1.  Will the AIA Stand Up for the Environment?

Posted 02-10-2017 11:05
The Trump Administration has started off with an agressive attack against just about every element of the environmental movement, that has been thoughtfully and scientifically put in place over the last 5 decades.  Tget have acted without questioning, consultation, debate or reasoned evaluation, as any responsible leadership would do.  This administration is acting soley for the economic benifit of the coal, gas and oil industry, without regard to our children, and their children's future.

Just look at who Trump has picked to lead this attack.  Is there any question what their motives are?

The AIA Committee on the Environment needs to be a strong voice for the environment, because the Trump Administration will not recognize, much less support the sustainable initiatives this country must strive for.  The voice of the AIA needs to encourage appropriate and thoughtful change in policy, and speak out forcefully when our nation is being forced in the wrong direction.  

How can I add my passion and energy to make this organization heard?

Ben Wilson


Boston MA

2.  RE: Will the AIA Stand Up for the Environment?

Posted 02-14-2017 09:41
Hi Ben,

COTE is starting an advocacy page, you can see the in-progress page here: https://network.aia.org/committeeontheenvironment/advocacy.....
and if you click on the right side 'Act' button and fill out the form, you will be placed on a list to get information or 'calls to action' as needed.
We have drafted a list of the core programs architects use in both the EPA and DOE and a one-page 'Why Buildings Matter' that can be sent to local representatives.
The AIA Governmental Advocacy group is monitoring the situation with the EPA closely, as none of us want to see negative impacts to our core values.

Thanks for reaching out,

-Angie, COTE AG

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3.  RE: Will the AIA Stand Up for the Environment?

Posted 02-14-2017 15:54
As I talk with friends and think of ways to participate and as you say add passion and energy to make this organization and others heard, I came across this interesting website:

Lee Schwerin, AIA - Architect
Steffen + Schwerin Architects, ltd.
architects / planners
Chicago, IL 60642-7931